2023 Trends to Watch Out For

Now more than a week into 2023, you might be looking to revamp your wardrobe and step fully into the ‘new year, new me’ mindset. Perhaps you can even look into creating a capsule wardrobe.

If you’re wondering about the hot new fashion trends that are in this year, look no further. Drawing from the runway shows from last year, we’ve gathered some 2023 fashion trends that you’ll want to introduce to your wardrobe ASAP.

Relaxed Denim

In 2023, denim gets a cosy upgrade as it combines with last year’s trend of slouchy, wide legged trousers and puddle pants. It’s the functional fashion trend that makes perfect sense in a post-lockdown world in which relaxed styles rule.

High waisted denim trousers with puddle hemlines can be worn with a slim top tucked into it. A timeless striped top, like a Breton tee, can do the trick here.

Utilitarian Wear

Utilitarian fashion is hotter than ever this year. This practical (and comfortable) form of attire combines modern minimalism with stylistic flair from various sources, including military gear and menswear.

With utilitarian fashion in, we can expect cargo trousers to make a comeback, albeit with a makeover. Think: tailored silhouettes, a wider range of colours, varied pocket placement and more diverse fabrics.

Elevated Basics

One of the top fashion trends in 2023 is elevated basics, which involves updating and modernising familiar wardrobe staples. The result is a fresh, often show-stopping twist that can turn any basic outfit glamourous and expensive looking.

Basic staples can be blinged up by adding items in shimmery, metallic shades. For example, upgrade a basic vest top with a silver wrap skirt, or add flair to plain blue jeans with a glittery gold blouse.

Elevated basics doesn’t have to be all sparkle, though. Simply pairing a basic top - say, a striped Breton tee - with a blazer with clean lines can effortlessly make your outfit look so sophisticated.

Zesty Shades of Green

One of the trending colours of 2023 is a shade of lime green. That’s right, bright green hues showed up in many runway shows last year, which means this year is all about embracing the neon green life.

If you’re ready to go all in, then you can look for wardrobe items that are entirely lime green, like maxi dresses, long coats or blazers. Not quite ready to stand out like that? Then opt for smaller wearables or accessories that will add a pop of fun colour to any outfit. Handbags, glasses frames and jewellery are some ways you can hop in on this citrusy green trend. While it isn't quite lime green, may we recommend our Breton Vert shirt (pictured below)?

Sheer Clothing

Naked dresses have been around for decades now, but they’re making a strong statement in 2023, in addition to other sheer fashion pieces.

While sheer clothing continues to be about making nudity chic, it doesn’t need to be risqué. If baring it all in just your undergarments isn’t your style, then try wearing a solid coloured slip or tube dress under a sheer dress instead.

Sheer clothing can also take a more casual route, as when you layer a sheer black blouse over a black triangle bra.

Until next time...