5 Stylish Celebs in Breton Shirts

If you asked us what we think the most fashionable wardrobe item is, we’d answer without hesitation: ‘Breton shirts' - and can you blame us? These eye-catching striped tops go well with just about every outfit.

But we acknowledge that we have a biased take on the matter. That’s why we’ll let five stylish, Breton stripe-wearing celebs do the explaining for us.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton loves the Breton stripe. She’s been spotted donning these nautical stripes on numerous occasions, from polo festivals to slightly more formal public appearances, such as the 2019 King's Cup regatta.

So why are we so in love with the Duchess of Cambridge’s Breton outfits? Besides the fact that she’s undoubtedly a royal fashion icon, Kate pairs her stripes with skinny jeans and loafers or wedges for a casual look, or straight-leg dark trousers or sailor culottes for a dressier vibe. The effect is effortlessly chic.

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Alexa Chung

British model and TV presenter Alexa Chung has also been sighted multiple times in Breton tops. At London Fashion Week 2011, Chung dazzled in a simple, but smart Breton striped shirt dress, which she wore with a camel coat, mustard yellow scarf and tights. She has also paired a navy blue Breton shirt with dungarees, a casual look that we’re so ready to embrace this spring.

More recently, Chung tucked a Breton shirt into faded cut-off jeans. We love how classy and comfy this outfit looks!

Jean Paul Gaultier

From dressing up his Le Male cologne bottle to sending supermodels like Gigi Hadid down runways in these now-familiar stripes, legendary French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s love for Breton stripes can’t be ignored.

In fact, it’s hard not to separate the Breton stripe from Gaultier’s brand, as even the designer himself is fond of wearing it. He even wore a striped Breton shirt to his final show! Let Gaultier be proof that Breton stripes can be worn in virtually any style, even one as iconoclastic as his.

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Kate Moss

British supermodel Kate Moss has to be one of the most stylish celebs we can think of. You can imagine, then, how delighted we were to see her out and about in a Breton top, which she wore with a dark blazer and jeans.

In a similar iteration of this outfit, Moss threw in a knotted neck scarf to give her ensemble a Parisian chic look. Can you say fashionable?

Taylor Swift

In addition to creating songs that millions of fans lap up, Taylor Swift is well-known for her impeccable fashion choices – and that includes quite a lot of stripes.

When she arrived at LAX airport in Los Angeles a decade ago, she wore a Breton striped shirt and a bright red skirt, a bold look complemented by her sharp eyeliner and red lippie. Swift then blended casual and festive with another vibrant red outfit, this time in the form of red skinnies and a black and white Breton shirt. We love how the Breton stripes look with a pop of colour.

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We hope you’ll take notes from your favourite Breton stripe-wearing celebs the next time you reach into your wardrobe!

Until next time…