5 Trendy Ways to Wear a Breton Shirt this Summer!

The Breton shirt is the iconic fashion symbol with its history steeped in its nautical pedigree but also reminding us of Parisian chic and Hollywood glamour.  The original design featured 21 stripes, each representing one of Napoleon’s victories but more commonly you are more likely to recognise the style of shirt worn by famous historical figures like Bridget Bardot, James Dean or Pablo Picasso. With the summer approaching and our minds turning to vacations at home or abroad, we thought we would share our ideas of how to wear your Breton shirt.  Here are 5 ideas of how you can mix it up and take a fresh approach to the iconic Breton style.

High-waisted shorts
The sun is out and demanding some skin. Well, this is your time to show it with some extraordinary style. Pair your Breton shirt with a High-waisted short for a fun day out. The easy shorts and the trendy style are sure to give you a fun, happy-go-lucky vibe that is the perfect look the summer!

Boyfriend jeans
Sometimes, you just can’t be bothered to really dress up, but still, want to look stylish. For those times, the chic boyfriend jeans with a Breton shirt is the perfect combo. Add some shades and sneakers and your trendy street style is complete. Now all you need is someone to take a picture of your outfit of the day – #OOTD.

Luxe skirt
A Breton shirt is not limited to the casual wear. On the contrary, you can pair it with something trendy and pull it off at a party or an evening out as well. Try a knee-length luxe skirt with your Breton shirt for a stunning outfit that is trendy and extremely comfortable. Pairing it with the right accessories will certainly add the flair needed for a warm, summer’s night out.

Channel the 80s with Breton shirt paired with a contrasting neckerchief. The style is very vintage and one of the most adored fashion statements at the moment. Leave the garlic string at home, after all, nobody wants to be overdressed in this hot weather!

If you are opting for a more formal and sophisticated look, a blazer can work miracles for you. Perfect for a trendy office outfit, pair your Breton shirt with a blazer and some well-tailored trousers. The combination will certainly up your style game in the office!

All these different ways of wearing a Breton shirt are sure to add some flavour to your daily wardrobe. You shouldn’t limit yourself to a few combinations. Think outside of the box instead and mix and match different fashion choices to get a unique combo. You can also check out our Instagram feed for inspiration – @bretonshirtco. Of course, your confidence matters the most. Whatever you wear, you need to be confident. This will help you pull off even the most daunting outfits!