A Brief History Of Your Favourite Breton Shirts

Garments seem more special when there's a story attached to them; don't you think?

Like that distressed pair of Levi's from the '80s that your Mum passed down to you. Or that pair of battered, old Dr Martens your sister parted with after her grunge phase was done and dusted.

Over the years, we've learned that you love hearing the stories behind our Breton shirts, too: how they came to be and why they were added to our collection.

Well, read on...today we're letting you in on why some of your favourite Breton Shirt styles ended up being added to our range. Read on...

The Breton Rouge

Our Breton Rouge shirt has been going strong for well over 20 years, since our adverts appeared in publications ranging from Viz to The Telegraph or Country Life - which demonstrates the breadth of this shirt's appeal.

It's made from 100% knitted 180 gsm unbleached cotton and it's looking as good as ever. Some Fisherman's striped shirts just get better with age, after all. 

The Breton Royale

A fresh and crisp alternative to our Breton Rouge shirt, The Breton Royale is a classic Breton shirt that has been with us for some time. A traditional French fisherman's shirt, it just had to be added to our range.

It's crafted from 100% soft single jersey 180 gsm cotton and is a must-have for anyone looking to freshen up their wardrobe.


Breton Saint Etienne

We featured our Breton Saint Etienne shirt on social media recently and you all went wild for it! 

It's nicknamed 'Les Verts' and was inspired by our founder's first football memories of Saint Etienne visiting Glasgow on a cold October evening back in 1968.

"The city was awash with opposing fans both sporting a sea of green" Angus fondly remembers. "Celtic were in their traditional green hoops and Saint Etienne in their solid green shirts."

And so...the Saint Etienne shirt was born shortly after - you can view it here.



The Breton Noir

Stripes are, were, and always should be comfortable and engaging to wear, says our founder.

They should be lightweight; warm, not hot; not itchy, not sticky, not fussy in the way things are when they aren’t trying to be good-looking.

The cool black stripes of our Breton Noir and made from 100% knitted 180 gsm cotton, while the shirt is made to a square cut fit. In short, you'll absolutely love it - and so will your wardrobe. 

Mariniere Naval Femme

A lovely Breton shirt in a feminine cut, the Marinere Naval Femme is to summer on the Cote d'Azur what the little black dress is to winter in the city.

We wanted to create a shirt with a delicate, feminine fit with a vented hem...so we did.

Made from 220gsm super soft cotton, it will stay crisp and unfettered all summer long. Its three-quarter length sleeves and classic navy stripes give it a cute French vibe, too.


Which of these popular Breton shirts gets your vote?

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