A Parisian Christmas at Home: Some Tips

There's something very appealing about a Parisian Christmas, isn't there? That doesn't mean you have to actually jet off to the French capital to take in the atmosphere of the bustling Champs-Élysées or the backlit beauty that is the Eiffel Tower, though.

Instead, you can do your best to create a stylish and cosy Parisian-style festive season right here in the UK. Well, why not?

To help you create a Parisian-esque Christmas at home, here are our top tips. Read on...

Minimalism is Key

In Paris specifically, people go for minimalism more often than they go for an all-out, OTT interiors scheme. Pretty, twinkling lights are the order of the day, but less is always more.

Advent wreaths (Couronnes de l'Avent) are also common in Parisian homes. Made up of fir and pine tree branches for the first Sunday of Advent, they adorn many a Paris abode throughout the French capital. 

You could always bake a festive wreath if you don't fancy a standard, foliage-covered one, though.

Don't Forget a Traditional Nativity Scene

The French enjoy displaying nativity scenes in their homes, which don't just include Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, but all kinds of figurines. Why not see if you can find or make a version to display in your home?

Tuck Into a Delicious Christmas Eve Dinner

At around midnight, many French families celebrate the beginning of Christmas Day with a meal, known as Le Réveillon de Noël.

Plan a meal of your own - if you can stay awake that long - and see in December 25 as soon as possible.

What about the menu on Christmas Day itself? Expect a meal similar to what we're used to here in the UK - including roast turkey. However, the French also tuck into roast goose, lobster, venison and cheeses.

For dessert? A chocolate sponge cake log called a bûche de Noël is normally eaten. Yum!

Midnight Mass is attended by many a Parisian too, as it is here in the UK. If you don’t want to get wrapped up and head outdoors, stay warm inside and gather some close family for a prayer evening or a round of Christmas carols.

Fill Your House with the Delicious Smell of Home-baked Goods

Like us, Parisians love a cosy Christmas, relishing the chance to stay at home and don their loungewear. You can too, wearing your favourite Breton shirt and go-to jeans while you whip up a storm in the kitchen.

Fill your home with the delicious smell of home-baked goods - perhaps now's the time to bake a bûche de Noël?! Another big hit amongst Parisians are French-style Christmas cookies called bredeles de Noël. 

Will you be adopting any of these French traditions? Let us know by commenting on this blog post, below. Plus, don't forget to share with us your own unique, festive traditions.

Until next time...

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