Breton Shirt Company: Last Postal Dates for Christmas

Thinking of treating someone to a Breton shirt for Christmas? You have great taste! If you want to spoil a member of your family - or a friend - make sure you don't miss out ahead of December 25.

International Delivery - Last Order Dates

Ordering from outside the UK? Or are you based in the UK but would like to send a parcel to a friend or family member overseas? If so, you have only a couple of days to place your order, as the last postal date for pre-Christmas delivery is Friday, December 10.

So, go on; don't miss out - place your order here on our site. The earlier the better!

UK Delivery - Last Order Dates

Want to treat someone here in the UK to a Breton shirt? The last postal date for pre-Christmas delivery is Saturday, December 18, meaning you only have just over a week to choose the shirt(s) you'd like.

Looking for some inspiration on what to treat them to? Look no further than our top picks. Read on...

The Original Breton Shirt 

From £40, our iconic Original Breton Shirt is the original and most recognisable style of traditional French fisherman's shirt. For some reason, nautical shirts have an enduring appeal. We feel at home with them. Memories of a childhood holiday or of dashing over the channel by hovercraft or boat? We love the simplicity and square cut relaxed fit. So will your friend or family member.

Get hold of this shirt ahead of Christmas via the link above.

The Nautique Red

Another popular Breton shirt, the Nautique Red is a dark wine-red based classic square cut Breton Shirt but with cool crisp ecru stripes. 

Created in super soft 180gsm cotton, the more you wash it the better it feels. It starts from just £40 and it's available here.

Picasso Royale

Like your shirts a bit thicker? Meet the Picasso Royale, also available for pre-Christmas delivery - but only if you're fast.

The story so far. For 20 years we have been unashamedly copying this classic original, as worn by Picasso in that iconic photograph in his kitchen. We called it the Picasso shirt. Then came the Picasso 2, which took the classic shirt and added a twist. Now the Picasso Royale.

We unpicked the original, reverse engineered the entire shirt, added the red stripe and stopped before our production team said no more! While all about us sweated in the unforgiving August heat, we remained cool and composed wearing our latest invention. Made from perfectly weighted pre washed soft 220 gsm organic cotton, this is a great choice for the festive season.

Until next time...

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