Breton Shirt Styles for Yummy Mummies

For the mums out there who feel they need to sacrifice style for comfort, we’re here to say this: you can have both! Embrace the best of both worlds with your wardrobe - because you deserve it.

Ahead of Mother’s Day (Sunday, March 27) we’ve gathered up some of the hottest (and comfiest) Breton shirts to help you look and feel your best. Believe you us when we say it was hard to pick, as there are so many flattering Bretons to choose from.

Read on…

Picasso Rouge

For the perfect pop of colour to brighten your day, look no further than the Picasso Rouge.

This peppy Breton shirt has a unique pattern of stripes that we think will complement your figure nicely, all without straying from a traditional Breton look. This shirt will certainly have you feeling chic and Parisian, regardless of the occasion and regardless of your mood.

Mariniere Naval Femme

The Mariniere Naval Femme is a personal favourite of ours. We’re not sure which we love more: the flattering square neckline, the feminine cut or the ¾ sleeves. Perhaps we can settle and say that all three features make for a pretty great shirt.

Featuring classic, dark navy stripes and a distinctly Breton feel, this shirt is sure to become your favourite as well. 

The Breton Sweater Ecru Navy

Stay trendy even in the cooler months with the Breton Sweater in Ecru Navy.

Made from 100% Merino wool, this deliciously soft sweater has an eye-catching arrangement of buttons along one shoulder, as well as a unique stripe pattern that is nevertheless still ‘Breton’ in feel. Pair this jumper with dark jeans or similarly coloured trousers, and you’re already well on your way to becoming the yummiest mummy around.

The Breton V Tee

Continuing our trend of unique Breton shirts, we now present the Breton V Tee. You can call this tee the relaxed, casual cousin of the classic, long-sleeved striped Breton, as there certainly is a fun flair to the Breton V Tee.

Not only is the V neck of this tee breezy and playful, but it has a distinctly feminine feel. The square cut of the rest of the tee, as well as the summery royal blue stripes, is also something to shout about.

The Breton Grey

As a mum, sometimes you want to keep it low-key. No problem at all. You might find that the Breton Grey suits your needs without sacrificing on chicness.

Crafted from 100% cotton, this shirt is just as ultrasoft and comfortable as all the others on the list. The only difference, though, is that the Breton Grey is also soft in colour, almost demure. It’s perfect for the mums who know how to make a statement with zero effort.

Spy any Breton shirts on this list that catch your eye? If not, we encourage you to browse our full selection of ladies’ wear so you can find your perfect striped match.

Until next time…