Breton Shirts: How They’re Worn Around the World

Earlier this month, we asked the following question via our social media accounts: ‘How do you wear your Breton shirt?’

The question was a bit more specific than it sounds, though; we wanted to know how you wear your Breton depending on where you are in the world. After all, while the humble, horizontal striped shirt may well have found fame in France, fashionistas across the globe love wearing their Breton – and they have their very own way to wear it too.

In Italy, the Breton shirt is often paired with chinos and a great pair of sunglasses. Meanwhile, in France, the Breton might be paired with palazzo pants or even a beret, for a spot of traditional chic. Here are some more ideas, based on where you are in the world…


There isn’t one set style here in the UK. While French ladies (and gents) may opt for a simple and chic look, made up of only a few key pieces and minimal accessories, us Brits very much make up our own rules.

From punks and goths to the high-fashion gals and guys you see on Instagram, there are all kinds of styles on the street, like this cool get-up from Hannah (who runs the En Brogue Insta account.

It's simple, but with a quirky twist, thanks to the trousers and Baker boy-style hat.





In Australia, where it’s hot, hot, hot – and even in Winter – Breton fans are likely to choose our shirt-sleeved shirts over our longer-sleeved versions.

If that’s you, you can pair your board shorts or denim cut offs with our T-shirt Vin Avec Poche, which is also available in navy. Complete with a dainty pocket, the shirt features cotton that is as soft as a sea.

A comfortable addition in which to contemplate beach front manoeuvres, even if they involve nothing grander than positioning your sun bed, this shirt is made from a lovely crisp 160 gsm knitted cotton.


We couldn’t not mention France, could we? After all, the Breton shirt is a mainstay in French fashion. So much so, in fact, that this French restaurant contacted us not all that long ago to supply them with a Breton-inspired uniform for its staff. Our Picasso II shirt (below) was just the thing…


Before we sign off, we thought we'd share this comment from an Instagram follower of ours who's in Switzerland. After seeing our recent post, he said he prefers to wear his Breton 'with some dungarees'. He also says: "I think the long sleeve and the shorts are a fabulous match too."

Well, you certainly can't argue with that.

So, how do you wear your Breton shirt? We’d love to know. Let us know via our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Until next time…