Breton Shirts: Our Favourite Men’s Styles

The weather’s taken a turn, hasn’t it? That means one thing…autumn is here! Winter won’t be far behind too, so perhaps it’s time to rethink your wardrobe and add some longer-sleeved shirts to your stash.

We have plenty of styles for both men and women here at Breton Shirt Company, but today we’re focusing on the male fashionistas out there. To help you create the perfect autumn/winter wardrobe, here are our top picks from our Yorkshire HQ. Read on…

Breton Saint Etienne

It may be an old and trusty favourite, but this shirt has been trending at the moment here on our site! We love it because it’s a little bit different to traditional monochrome or red and white striped Bretons – and perhaps that’s why our Instagram followers love it too.

Nicknamed ‘Les Verts’, this is a much-loved shirt of our founder, Angus. He says: “My first football memories are of Saint Etienne visiting Glasgow on a cold October evening back in 1968. The city was awash with opposing fans both sporting a sea of green. Celtic fans in their traditional green hoops and Saint Etienne in their solid green shirts as they faced Celtic in the 2nd leg of the then European Cup.”

Of course, he visualised this shirt right there and then, picturing crisp white stripes on a fresh green backdrop. A square cut shirt, it’s made from super soft 180gsm cotton and it’s perfect for Breton shirt fans everywhere.

Breton Bleu

Not sure the Etienne is for you but still want to move away from the traditional black and white-striped Breton? Meet our Breton Bleu, which is just the shirt for you.

Offering optimal naval chic, it features a crisp blue stripe…but in a lesson of natural selection, blue plus blue has come to the fore and…gosh…it looks great. Against a background of Atlantic blue with clean Regatta blue stripes, this square cut shirt is created in super soft 180gsm knitted cotton – perfect for autumn/winter with a blazer over the top.

Picasso Royale

There’s just something about the Picasso Royale, isn’t there?

For 20 years we have been unashamedly copying this classic original, as worn by Picasso in that iconic photograph in his kitchen. We called it the Picasso shirt. Then came the Picasso 2, which took the classic shirt and added a twist. Now here's the Picasso Royale…and just look at it.

To create this shirt, we unpicked the original, reverse engineered the entire shirt, added the red stripe and stopped before our production team said no more! It’s a must-have piece in your autumn/winter wardrobe, as it’s made from perfectly weighted pre-washed soft 220 gsm organic cotton.  


We’re huge fans of everything about this shirt…the look, the feel, the name!

There’s no denying it, the Submariner is one hell of a shirt. Robust and made from ‘bullet proof’ heavy weight 300 gsm cotton, it may take a few washes to get properly broken in, but it fades beautifully over time. It’s made to a square cut fit, as with all our nautical shirts…the more you wear it, the better it feels.

So, which shirt takes your fancy? Let us know over on Instagram.

Until next time…