Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe with a Classic Breton Shirt

The Christmas tree’s gone and your fairy lights have been taken down. All your Champagne bottles are in the recycling bin. The start of a new year can be dull once all the celebrations have finished, but we don’t think this last chunk of winter needs to be boring. Not while there are crisp, frosty mornings to enjoy and chocolat chaud to drink.

One of the easiest ways to brighten your day is to brighten your wardrobe first. Here are our top tips for bringing a bit of much-needed colour to these dark late winter days.

Blue and Red for Grey Days

Our Picasso Royale shirt is a true original. Based on the Breton shirts Picasso himself often wore, our top has white stripes on a royal blue backdrop, inverting the usual Breton style. A red stripe along the top of the shirt gives it a colour pop, and makes it much easier to pair it with scarlet accessories. Now is the time for those red patent pumps and ruby red lipstick.


We love this top with jeans, but it also looks great with a pinafore and knee boots. Pop a beret on at a jaunty angle and Pierre’s your uncle — instant January blues-beating style.

Chemise Saint Malo

What’s Saint Malo? The perfect beach holiday destination, if you ask us. Our Chemise Saint Malo is inspired by sunny days by busy little harbours and sandcastles washed away by greedy waves. Smart and sophisticated with narrow stripes for ultimate figure-flattery, this top has been designed in a strong statement red.

We think the red stripes of this one-off French classic pair beautifully with black skinny jeans and a leather jacket. For a bit more of a summery feel — fake it 'til you make it — why not try it with blue jeans and ballet pumps?

The T-Shirt of Your Dreams

Soft, light, there for you. Always has your back. Knows what looks good on you. Never needs ironing if you hang it right.

Our denim t-shirt in bright, light blue is your ideal basic Breton top. It’s the shirt you didn’t realise you needed until you put it on for the first time. It looks amazing with skirts and under dresses, over leggings and with blazers thrown over it. It dresses up a pair of jeans and dresses down a cropped pair of cigarette trousers. In short, this little blue and white number is essential for your wardrobe.

Supersoft Colours

The Marin Bleu is a supersoft long-sleeved Breton shirt that breaks the rules. Red stripes on navy blue, it’s a touch of uniqueness in a style that’s as classically French as a buerre jambon.

 We love this top because it keeps us warm on chilly days. We also love it because it looks chic underneath a waterproof jacket, and wearing it we can turn a daytime stroll into a pub lunch effortlessly. Pull it over your head and be cheered up immediately. Wear with brightly coloured wellies for optimum effect.

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