Celebrate Bastille Day with these 3 Breton Shirts!

Bastille Day is celebrated on the 14th July in France, celebrating the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in France. In France, it’s not actually called Bastille day, but ‘La Fete Nationale’ which translates to ‘The National Celebration’. It is of course celebrated right across the country and you can get into the spirit by wearing your favourite Breton Shirt!

Le T-Shirt

If you have been keeping up to date with our social media feeds and our email newsletters, you’ll see that we now have 4 T-Shirts which you can choose from! With the hot weather we’re experiencing at the moment, Le T-Shirt is perfect to wear tomorrow to celebrate Bastille Day!



The Nautique

It doesn’t get much more French than The Nautique! Made from 100% knitted soft unbleached cotton and as with all our traditional French fisherman's shirts they are styled in the classic square cut fit. It was even featured in GQ last year on their blog about what to wear on Bastille Day!


Picasso II

Although Picasso was Spanish, he was famous for wearing a Breton Shirt! Picasso II has all the colours of the French flag (Red, Blue and White) and everyone will certainly know what you’re celebrating if you’re rocking it tomorrow!

Whichever Breton Shirt you decide to wear tomorrow, we’d love to see it! Make sure you tag us in a photo on Instagram & Facebook to be featured on our page!