Christmas Activities Your Breton Shirt is Simply Made For

So, you've treated yourself to a Breton shirt (or maybe you haven't yet)…but hmm, where to wear it?

Now, we know we are just a little bit biased, but we reckon our signature striped shirts are so versatile you can wear them almost anywhere. Dress them up, dress them down, wear them to the pub or out on a walk.

Plenty of our loyal followers tell us they love donning their Breton shirt in the office. Our shirts work equally well on 'working from home' days, when you want to look 'put together' for an unexpected Zoom call, while still feeling comfy. 

During the winter months, you'll get the most wear out of our long-sleeved Breton tees - and here's where (and how) you can sport yours...

For Midnight Mass

If you never miss a Midnight Mass Christmas service (or indeed any December service), you'll know this: it's one of the most festive things you can do pre-December 25.

While it's simply lovely to get out and about during the festive season, it can also be fairly tempting to stay snuggled up under a blanket at home. Especially at midnight.

For church especially, you want to be comfy but also look like you've made an effort. Introducing our 'No Sweat Breton Sweatshirt', then. It's warm AND comfy and it's now available with 20% off.

You'll look smart while being extremely cosy. Perfect.

For Impromptu Sledging

While we aren't always fortunate enough to be treated to snow at Christmas, you never can tell. So, if we do get more than a dusting of the white stuff this year, you know where we'll be - up a large hill somewhere, ready to slide down to the bottom, bobble hat firmly on head.

Breton shirts are perfect for layering under your big, cosy coat.

Start with your shirt (maybe over a thermal vest, for good measure), add a chunky cardigan, then your coat. Now, you're suitably comfy while also being more than ready for a post-sledging trip to the pub with friends. You won't go wrong with our Original Breton Shirt V2.

For an End-of-Year Celebratory Drink with Colleagues

You may have been working from home for most of the year, but if festive plans are afoot to spend a day in the office, followed by Christmas drinks, you'll want to make sure you're dressed for the occasion.

What's smart enough for work but casual enough for post-work drinks? The answer: our pinstripe Breton shirt - find it here.

On Christmas Jumper Day

Not a fan of tacky Christmas jumpers? Introduce your own take on a festive sweater and instead wear a jumper or long-sleeved t-shirt in festive colours. 

Opt for either our Breton Vin - in Christmassy red and white - or our equally Christmassy green and white Breton Vert (pictured below).

At the Christmas Markets

Again, this is where layering comes into its own - at the Christmas markets. While walking around in the cold, you'll want as many layers as you can squeeze into.

When you head into the mulled wine tent, though, you'll want to be able to whip off your coat and cardigan and enjoy a drink without feeling hot and bothered.

Find your perfect Breton shirt over here and layer up!

Where will you wear your Breton shirt over the festive season?

Until next time...