Embrace the Dark Side: Our Favourite Dark Coloured Bretons

There’s something fresh and classic about a Breton shirt with royal blue and white stripes, which evoke sunny images of a salt-scented seaside. But sometimes bright blue doesn’t match the mood you’re going for, in which case you have to resort to something darker.

Whether it’s a deep navy or a bold black you’re looking for, there’s a dark coloured Breton for you. So enter the dark side, and read on for our favourite dark coloured Breton shirts...

The Breton Noir

Kicking off this list is none other than the Breton Noir, one of the only true black Breton tops available here at the Breton Shirt Company.

If you don’t have a black striped Breton in your wardrobe yet, then the Breton Noir will make a lovely first addition. Trust the ecru base and thin black stripes of the Breton Noir to lend you an effortlessly cool look. You can also look forward to classic Breton comfort with the Breton Noir, as the more you wear and wash this top, the comfier it gets.

The Submariner V2

Crafted from 300 gsm cotton for a heavyweight feel, the Submariner V2 is perfect for the autumn and winter months.

Though the thick cotton material will keep you from getting cold, the coolness of this Breton top doesn’t suffer, thanks to its rather dashing dark navy stripes, so dark they’re almost black. Layer the Submariner V2 underneath a camel coat or a sleeveless jacket, or throw on a chunky scarf to keep yourself warm.

The Nautique Noir

The Nautique Noir is another Breton top that fully embraces the dark side. The Nautique Noir evolved from the more classic Nautique, a navy based top with cream stripes. This navy base turned into the Nautique Noir’s eye-catching black, all the more to help you turn heads wherever you go.

Like all other Breton tops, the Nautique Noir is made from ultrasoft cotton that only gets comfier with every wash. Unlike other Breton tops, however, the Nautique Noir is cut just a little bit larger for a more relaxed fit. Cosiness just got a black-striped upgrade.

The Polo Breton

When the thermometer begins to dip, you know it’s time to break out the Polo Breton.

If you’re looking for a traditional Breton look, you certainly won’t find it in the trend-bucking Polo Breton – but that’s what makes this top so special. The usual Breton neckline is swapped for a cosy polo neck, while the classic royal blue colour is replaced with a navy base so dark that it’s almost black. But the Polo Breton is still a Breton at the end of the day, thanks to its cool stripes.

The Bateau Mariniere

Tired of the same old necklines, but it’s too warm outside for the Polo Breton? Then look no further than the Bateau Mariniere, a top suited for ladies craving a traditional Breton look with flare.

The boat neckline and dark navy stripes of the Bateau Mariniere are at once classically Breton and refreshingly unique, while the vented hem and expertly tailored fabric add a touch of femininity to the top.

While we love these dark coloured Breton tops, there are plenty more available here at the Breton Shirt Company. But whatever colour or style you’re drawn to, we hope you’ll find a new favourite Breton top to add to your wardrobe!

Until next time…