Enjoy 20% Off Christmas Gift Ideas...

Need to buy a Christmas gift or two? If you're quick - and we mean really quick - you can enjoy 20% off some selected Breton Shirt Company favourites. We say 'quick' as this offer won't be on for long - plus, this deal is so good these items are likely to sell out.

Read on to discover our top picks to treat someone else (or even yourself) to...

Nautique Royale

Back by popular demand, it's the gorgeous Nautique Royale - at just £32 with the pre-Christmas 20% discount.

We actually ran a similar shirt in 1995 and now it's back on the site. Frankly, we feel it's even better than the original '90s classic - and we reckon yule (see what we did there?!) love it too.

So, in the interest of international relations, we expanded our wardrobe to make room for this old favourite, with its crisp white stripes on a lovely royal blue base. Square cut and made from super soft 180gsm cotton, it's the ideal gift for someone special - find it here.

The 'Refuse to Die' Breton Tote Bag

If you're looking for a gorgeous stocking filler gift - or even a main present for someone you're close to - we've got it, in the form of our 'Refuse to Die' Breton tote bag.

The bag was our answer to previously-wasted Breton fabric, so it's a sustainable and stylish addition to your - or someone else's - wardrobe.

Ordinarily, at the end of the day, nearly 20% of all our fabric was wasted at garment production and retires to Breton heaven without making it into one of our wonderful shirts. This gave us the idea to use some of the mishaps and mis-shaped cut offs and create something of value.

Find this gorgeously sustainable bag here - and for just £20.

The Breton 'No Sweat' Sweatshirt

Cosy up this festive season in our 'No Sweat' Sweatshirt, which is another inspired example of how a blend of supersoft cotton, no compromise knitting mixed with traditional stripes can outperform the flimsy t-shirts we see littered throughout our high streets today. 

Square cut, ribbed neck, open sleeves; it's warm enough to wear in winter, cool enough to wear in winter. Welcome to the No Sweat Sweatshirt - available now for just £40 with the 20% discount.


Breton Rugby Shirt

They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Well we do.

We took our time (over 10 years) to revert back to an old favourite...our Breton Rugby Shirt.

Thick enough to hold off the dropping temperature. Thin enough to not restrict. 

It combines traditional matelot styling with a classic collar and a vented hem, and it's made from thick super soft 100% double jersey cotton. It's now just £39 and we think it'll fast become one of your most-worn items all year round.

And finally...

Submariner V2

Another Breton must-have with 20% off...take a look at the Submariner V2 shirt.

We’ve always loved our striped fisherman’s shirts. Yet when all’s said and done, we are frankly at sea with what to wear when the summer leaves us and autumn and winter approaches.  

Some shirts seem to be made for the North Sea or perhaps the North Pole - too hot or too heavy for the change of seasons. The Submariner V2, meanwhile, bucks the trend.

Robust and made from ‘bullet proof’ heavy weight 300 gsm cotton, it's soft to the touch and an absolute delight to wear all year round - find it here for just £40.

Will you be treating yourself - or someone else - to one of these gorgeous Breton favourites?

Until next time...