Five Ways to Wear a Classic Breton this Spring/Summer

Spring is just about here, so that means breaking out your Breton striped shirts – or, given just how versatile Breton stripes are, swapping out your striped cold weather jumpers for much lighter, striped blouses.

Perfect for spring, summer and beyond, there are countless ways to style your Breton shirt. Here are just five.

Under a Dress

A striped shirt can instantly add interest (and extra warmth) to a sleeveless or strappy dress, perfect for those days when it’s just a little too chilly.

Try the classic Original Breton shirt under your dress, or for stripes that are a little less bold, go for the Pinstripe Breton shirt. You can even add a pop of colour to an otherwise plain dress by choosing the Bateau Mariniere Vin or any other vibrantly coloured Breton striped top or tee.

For a more summer-ready look, a short-sleeved Breton shirt, like Le T-Shirt or the T-Shirt Vin, looks especially dashing worn under a tank dress.

With Shorts

Whether you’re off to the beach or the supermarket, a striped top with shorts makes for a casual yet stylish look. Denim cut-off shorts, solid print shorts, boldly striped or patterned shorts – any short trousers are fair game when combining them with a Breton shirt.

We think the Original Breton Shirt V2 will look effortlessly cool tucked into the top of jean shorts, while the T-Shirt Navy Avec Poche or any other striped tee shines best hanging over loose-fitting dark coloured shorts.

And for a look that truly embraces the Breton’s nautical origins, a navy striped top tucked into belted khaki shorts brings to mind lazy, sun-soaked days spent lounging on a boat.

With a Black Skirt and Tights

Think tights are just for autumn and winter? Think again! For those spring days that are just a bit too cold, pairing your Breton top with a black skirt and tights makes for a cosy, chic combo.

If you want to embrace the dark side even more, may we suggest a bold stripe like the Bateau Mariniere? A fully monochrome look is so sophisticated, and this outfit in particular is great for wearing in a casual office setting or an outing with friends.

With White Trainers

Stripes and white trainers: it’s a classic combination as old as time (okay, maybe not that old…). Here are just a few of those combinations.

You can wear a brightly coloured Picasso Breton with jeans and white trainers, or if you want a truly summery look, the Breton Rochelle beach dress does the trick. You can even wear a midi skirt with your Breton top and white trainers for a cool, laidback vibe.

With Colourful Stripes and Loose Trousers

While we do love the look of a classic navy stripe, Bretons in other colours deserve just as much love. Especially when paired with loose, light-feeling trousers, colourful Breton tops are the perfect spring and summer wear.

The Breton T-Shirt Vin looks especially charming with dark navy trousers. The Breton Vert also appeals to spring or summer colour palettes, especially when paired with flowing nude-coloured culottes.

Until next time…