French Alps: Why We’d Love a Cosy French Getaway Right Now

If you’re anything like us, you might be daydreaming about holidaying somewhere far, far away...someplace distanced from the hustle and bustle of your regular life.

Maybe it’s because you’ve been working remotely for far too long, or perhaps you just want a change of pace and scenery. Whatever your reason, a good hol is bound to soothe your mind and body.

And what better place to escape your stressors than in the picturesque French Alps? The stunning views and the homely towns of France’s most iconic mountain range should be more than enough to tempt you to fantasise alongside us.

Need more convincing? Then here are four reasons why we’re dreaming about a cosy French getaway right about now.

The Skiing

We begin this list with a quintessential Alpine activity: skiing. The French Alps has plenty of snowy peaks perfect for skiing, regardless of the season and your experience level. Don’t forget to take both your sunscreen and your scarf when you visit any of the countless ski resorts dotting the mountains.

Perhaps the most important part about skiing in the French Alps is the culture of après-ski, or post-skiing activities and entertainment. After a long day racing down the slopes, take your tired feet down to the nearest bar or restaurant, where you can enjoy a drink and a celebratory meal (cheese fondue, anyone?). If you still have some energy to spare, then get your dance on at various nightlife spots in the region. 

The Spas

Spas more your thing? The French Alps has plenty of them, many of them located right next to the ski slopes. Visiting one of these spa resorts is an excellent après-ski activity - and one your cold, tired body will thank you for.

These luxurious French Alpine spas are the very definition of therapeutic indulgence. From steamy saunas, hammam spas and massage rooms to healing Japanese baths and Jacuzzis, you’ll be so spoilt for choice that you may even find it difficult to choose - or leave.

The Hiking

Explore all the beautiful sights of the French Alps by going on a scenic stroll. There is no shortage of hiking spots throughout the mountain range, so break out your comfy clothes, lace up your trainers and treat yourself to a gentle guided walk through the gorgeous green trails of the Alps’ many national parks.

After your long, refreshing trek, look forward to stretching your feet out in a nearby inn, where you can soak in the local culture and enjoy all the fine regional French cuisine.

The Lakes

If you’ve had your fill of chilly winter activities, head on over to one of the many gorgeous mountain lakes situated in or around the French Alps. Expect to find white, sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water and, of course, stunning Alpine views all around.

Go for a lazy dip in these mountain lakes, or try out a wide variety of water activities. From leisurely paddle boarding and kayaking to sailing and fishing, there's lots for you to try out.

Now if you’ll kindly excuse us, we’ll be off packing our bags for a perfect getaway to the French Alps. Do come with – and don’t forget your French attire!

Until next time…