French-inspired Style Staples for Autumn

No other season offers such a gorgeous array of earthy colours than autumn - and what better way to celebrate yet another season (isn’t time just flying by!) than by reinventing ourselves.

How do we do that? By reinventing our wardrobe, of course.

We thought we would look at how the French do this so well, how they mirror the freshness of every current season. Simplicity seems to be a key factor, which is lucky for us, because Simplicity is our middle name. (It’s not really. We don’t have one. But if we did, it would be Simplicity.)

Inspired by the French, and how they ‘do autumn’, we have listed several of our top-gunners, hard-hitters - best-sellers, to work hand in hand with your new seasonal look. Let’s get started...

Saint Etienne - Breton Shirt Green

You might think green belongs in spring, possibly early summer, but there is a place for it in autumn too, if only to make the trees smile. Lush green topped with fresh white stripes, this shirt will go perfect with blue jeans, white trainers, and a cool-looking jacket.


Perhaps try tucking it into your jeans, to finalise your statement.

The Breton Vin

Think of a crimson maple tree, or a rubescent wine, the very reds that nature does so well at this time of year, and you’ve got yourself the stripes on this classic fisherman’s shirt, set against a dazzling white.

Why not partner it up with a pair of well-fitting black, white, or blue jeans, to look the part, whatever the occasion? It’s made from 100% knitted 180 gsm unbleached cotton and crafted to a square cut fit.

You’re welcome.

The Nautique Royale

Autumn can be a little hit and miss at times; it can rain for a few days, before the sun comes out and basks in a glorious blue sky. Those bright blue days are what this shirt is for.

It’s classically French, not to mention classically 90s (as we ran something similar in 1995), so if you want to carry a little retro vibe, this one’s for you.

With cool white stripes on a charming, elegant blue, you won’t be able to help but look the part wearing this. Though, just to make sure, try combining it with a pair of oval frame sunglasses. Then just watch heads turn.

The Breton Hoodie

This comforting beauty is perhaps best for the back end of the month, when it starts to get a little cooler. We like to call this one the Breton Ice, because it’s cool and simple - and simple is cool. Yes, we’re blowing our own trumpet, but sometimes you’ve got to sit back and admire your handiwork.

Wear this with your favourite loungewear bottoms and, as it’s made to a square cut and crafted from super soft 220 gsm interlock organic cotton, you’ll be the king or queen of comfort.

Until next time...