Garments That Work Well with Stripes: A Guide

A Breton shirt and jeans. A classic. Timeless.The perfect outfit for every occasion, from dropping the kids off at school to sipping bellinis at a relaxed birthday brunch. We love this go-to outfit and we know you do too — just check out our Instagram to see how well some of our biggest Breton fans rock their jeans-and-stripes!

But what if you’re looking to change things up a bit? Maybe keep the jeans and add some different accessories? Or, highly likely during the wet winter months, your favourite jeans are in the wash and you still want to wear your statement shirt? Not to worry! Breton shirts go with almost anything, and we’re going to prove it to you tout suite.

Bag a Beret

We always say here at Breton Shirt Towers that accessories maketh the outfit. We stand by this mantra, even if we’re heading out for a day in the grey, drizzly non-summer. Don’t just reach for the nearest slouchy bobble hat — style it out!

We love a woolen or crochet beret in the winter months. They keep your head warm but they just add a little stylish je ne sais quoi to any outfit. Team with leather gloves and smart shades for the ultimate in French aprés ski.

The Perfect Coat

Yes, finding the perfect winter coat is an annual struggle, but what if we told you that you were making it harder for yourself? Don’t keep searching for the same thing every year, no matter how much you want that ankle-length duster jacket. Take a swipe through the A/W collections of your favourite shops’ websites and reimagine your winter self. Maybe this year you’ll try a peplum? How about a duffle?

The thing about Breton shirts is that they look good with any classic-cut coat, so whether you opt for a sleek city-chic puffer or a foxy gilet, you know you’ll look the biz in any blizzard.

 Pinafore Perfection

Before you say anything at all, no really, ssh ssh ssh, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay. Pinafores are here for you. They’ve been here all along. And do you know what? They’ve always looked good on you.

The greatest thing about pinafore dresses, especially this season, is that they can come in a range of fabrics. Cord is well and truly back, and so is denim, and both look magnifique with Breton stripes. Not sure? A sleek black pinafore dress can easily be found. Fancy something sexier? Leather-look is your gal. Choose your player!

Get Girly

If you’re used to tomboying up your stripes with skinny jeans and a blazer, why not go to the other end of the fashion spectrum? Our Breton shirts look fantastic with skirts, and this year’s craze for clashing prints isn’t going anywhere either. Why not dry a ditzy floral print, or even polka dots?

If you want to keep your style edgy, a leather-look A-line or mini looks excellent with stripes, or team your fabulously flippy dreamboat skirt with biker boots and a leather jacket.

However you’re styling your Breton shirt, we want to see your looks! Make sure you tag us into your Instagram pics, or use the hashtag #bretonshirtco and we’ll share our faves. We love doing that.