How do you layer a striped shirt?

We're thoroughly in the swing of autumn now - and winter is soon on its way. With colder days ahead, you might be thinking that it’s time to pack away your Breton-striped shirts, the breezy short-sleeved numbers that held up well in the warm summer months.

Fortunately, striped shirts can still be worn regardless of the weather. That’s where layering comes in! Whether you want to keep warm or stay on top of fashion trends, here are some layering tips for your striped Breton shirts.

Blue Denim Jacket

There’s something undeniably classic about a blue denim jacket left unbuttoned over a striped shirt, especially a striped shirt with dark stripes, like black (below) or navy blue. Maybe it’s the contrast between the solid blue and the horizontal lines. Whatever it is, it works, so we’re not here to question the science of it!

Layer a dark, striped Breton underneath a cropped denim jacket, and if you’re feeling adventurous, throw on denim trousers to match. Who said denim on denim is out?

Chunky Knit Cardigan

The puffy texture of a chunky knit cardigan provides a lovely contrast over a thinner striped shirt worn underneath. It’s all about the contrasts, isn’t it?

For a winter-ready look, pair a chunky cardigan in a warm shade of yellow, orange or brown over a light-coloured striped Breton shirt (think: pale grey stripes).

Neck Scarf

We’re being very vague with the word ‘neck scarf’ here, because let’s face it: striped shirts looks great layered beneath virtually any style of neck scarf.

For a Parisian chic look, tie a thin red scarf around your neck over a royal blue striped shirt (below), or, for style that says ‘cold weather comfort,’ go for a chunky knit scarf to pile on atop your stripes.

You can even mix and match patterns: go for a solid colour, or opt for fun, floral prints to add a pop of fun to your stripes. You could also be bold and layer a striped scarf over your striped shirt!


You didn’t think striped shirts could be somewhat formal, did you? Well, dress them up with a blazer, and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for a business casual office space.

Darker, neutral colours work best when layering a blazer over your striped shirt, but don’t be afraid to get creative and try on something more colourful. How about a red blazer over a green striped shirt (pictured below) for a little festive flair? Or a light blue blazer over red stripes? The sky’s the limit!

Long Coat

Once again, we’re being vague with the term ‘long coat’ here. Any long coat is fair game to be layered over a striped shirt. A camel coat is an especially popular choice to wear over a dark striped shirt, while more colourful coats (like pea coats or parkas) can be worn over coloured stripes.

After layering on your long coat of choice, you can then tuck your striped shirt into your trousers for a neat outfit which is perfect for running errands or catching up with friends — anything, really.

We hope we were able to give you some ideas on how best to layer your striped Breton shirts!

Until next time…