How to Care for Your Breton Tee

Whenever we’re asked which Breton tee is our favourite, our answer is always our oldest, most faded, comfiest tees – the ones that have been with us through many happy summers’ days.

That’s the beauty of our 100% knitted cotton shirts: their classic style and iconic cut is perfectly timeless - and if you care for yours properly, you could still be packing it for weekend breaks and summer holidays in decades to come!

The first and most important thing to remember is to wash it low. Never wash your Breton tee in water hotter than 30 degrees Celsius. The 100% cotton used to craft our tees likes to shrink in hot water, leaving you with half-mast sleeves and a cheeky glimpse of midriff showing! To avoid this fashion faux pas, remember to always check the temperature of your washing machine before washing your tees, and wash cool, as you would with knitwear or more delicate items.

Secondly, you should avoid using the tumble dryer altogether. Your tee dries best when hung out to dry on a bright and sunny, blustery day, but if it’s November and that’s out of the question, an air dryer or clothes maid will work perfectly. You want to treat your tee gently so that it retains its bright stripes and flattering shape for as long as possible.

Your Breton Shirt Company tee will be absolutely fine if you steam iron it. In fact, they always look so refreshed after a good iron. Ironing your tee will also help to reshape it – something you may need to do from time to time. This is normal and simply happens because cotton fibres like to scrunch up during the wash over time. A quick spritz of steam and a stretch will see it back to its beautiful self.


Here’s a good one, and one we’ve forgotten on occasion – don’t wash your tee with bright or dark colours. The bright white cotton looks so cheerful and we’d hate for you to pull it out of the wash only to find that – oh no – it’s gone bubblegum pink!

Keep it safe and sound in a whites wash and you’ll make sure that it stays fresh. Hanging them out on the line also helps to restore their whiteness, thanks to the sun’s powerful UV rays.

Finally, keep your tee away from bleach and other harmful chemicals. You may have used bleach to whiten fabrics before, but the 100% cotton will not react well to harsh chemicals and it may even discolour it. All your tee needs is your usual detergent, softener too, if you like, and a lovely sunny day to get it dry. And that’s it!

So, in order to keep your Breton tee like new, remember our advice:

  • Wash at 30 degrees Celsius
  • Don’t use the tumble dryer
  • Use a steam iron to re-shape
  • Don’t use bleach/chemicals.

If you have any great tips to keep your Breton tees bright and white, in-shape and looking fab, leave a comment for us or message us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to hear them and may even use your best ideas in a follow-up blog post.