How to Create a Capsule Suitcase: Top Tips for Packing Light

Enjoy dipping into a style magazine or two? Then you’ll no doubt have heard of the concept of a ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ several times over.

If not, it’s essentially a more streamlined version of the clothes you own – think key pieces; a classic tee or two here, a good, figure-hugging pair of jeans there – and you’re on the right track. The point of paring back your wardrobe in this way is simple: it makes choosing an outfit in the morning so much simpler.

Put together your capsule wardrobe correctly and each and every item should complement the next. Keep to one colour palette – red, white and navy, or even black and beige (whatever takes your fancy) and it really will be a doddle to pick out your clothes for the day.

So, what’s a capsule suitcase then? It’s simple, really – it’s basically an even smaller version of your capsule wardrobe. By utilising the principles of creating a capsule wardrobe – sticking to a key colour palette and choosing classics which work well together – you’ll be keeping your luggage to a minimum, as well as ensuring packing your belongings is a breeze. Here’s what to do:

Choose Good Quality Staples

You’ve heard of the notion: ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ – and it’s so true.

When creating your capsule wardrobe or suitcase, good quality staple items are a must. A little black dress will never go out of fashion, but be prepared to splurge, not scrimp. A classic white tea, a pair of boot-cut jeans, a great pair of flats, and a crisp, white shirt should also feature.

Now, select accessories that will match everything in your capsule wardrobe, keeping your chosen colour palette in mind. Other items to consider for your capsule wardrobe or suitcase include:

  • A classic pair of wedges
  • A good, ‘all-rounder’ pair of heels – ideal for day or night
  • A smart blazer
  • A chic scarf for adding interest to an otherwise plain tee
  • A good coat
  • A well-made handbag in a neutral shade (this will ensure it complements everything.

Can you think of anything else you’d add?

Pack for Your Destination

If done well, your capsule wardrobe will include items for all weather. Your blazer can be worn under your good quality coat during winter, or on its own in the warmer months. Likewise, that plain white tee can be paired with a classic black cardigan, poncho or knit, depending on the season.

When it comes to your capsule suitcase, then, think about where you’re heading before you pack. If you work to the principle of a key colour palette, you should have no bother packing the essentials (and only the essentials!), since if they’re chosen well, your garments can easily be mixed and matched.

Make Packing a Joy

There are plenty of ways you can pack cleverly, which will ensure you don’t go over your baggage allowance if travelling by plane. With a capsule suitcase, you may even feel confident enough to go hand luggage-only.

Packing cubes (these are great via Amazon) will make packing a joy, since you can organise your garments by type, adding tees to one, and underwear and delicate items to another. You can even store your accessories in a third. While they’re not essential, packing cubes are handy for organising your clothes before you return home from your holiday, making it easier to shove ‘whites’ in the wash, and colours in the next load.

Did you enjoy this blog? What are your top tips for the perfect capsule suitcase or wardrobe? Let us know by commenting below.