How to wear stripes

If you’ve been an avid reader of our blogs so far, you’ll know that stripes in the world of fashion are pretty much firm favourites.

From Coco Chanel’s first naval inspired line, all the way to present day where huge names like Tommy Hilfiger and Howell & Palmer are designing entire lines around them, it’s incredible to see just how much of a staple stripes are in so many wardrobes, and just how versatile they really are…
SO, to prove their versatility, we have dedicated this blog to listing the many ways we can wear and look amazing in our Breton shirts:


Focus on stylish French chic for walking your kids to school, visiting the pub or dress down Fridays at work! Wearing a striped shirt underneath a blazer like Kate Middleton is below, is the perfect way to wear your stripes throughout the day.

2.Smart… Smart!:

Even though layering your clothes only appears towards the back-end of the year, this also brings the collared shirt and jumper option for work. Combined with a preppy pair of specs, this combo will make you look so geek-chic!


In our “A thousand miles from shore” blog, we learnt the story of ___ and his team who were left stranded at sea… wearing an Original Breton Shirt!
___ main point was how incredibly warm his shirt was paired with other specialised pieces of clothing.

4.Festival Goer

Denim shorts ✅, Wellington Boots ✅, Rain mac ✅ and an on-trend Breton shirt ✅!
For UK festivals, you have to come dressed for all weather conditions! So with the organically sourced 180gsm cotton and breathable stitching, our Breton shirts are an ideal piece to take with you.


Since Lily Allen famously rocked up to the Grammy’s wearing a tutu skirt and Converse, the glam/casual look has escalated in popularity. Tucked into a midi skirt, or a pair of dark indigo jeans will help you create this look.