Innovative Ways to Store and Display Your Breton Collection

One thing we think about when we’re laying in bed at night is how we wish we could see our Breton shirts, even when we’re not wearing them. Does that make us weird? Don’t you do that too?

They’re just so effortless and stylish, we know they’d make delightful additions to our interior design. But how can you naturally - and stylishly - include a collection of stripy shirts into your home’s interior design?

We decided to take a look at some of the biggest trends in interior decorating to see if we could find solutions that make the most of our growing Breton collections. Because it’s like we always say — you can never have too many stripes. If they become part of the furniture, surely that makes our favourite statement even more true?

Clothes Rails and Open Wardrobes

Just like New York loft apartments in the late '90s, and every bedroom Bobby Berk from Queer Eye has ever renovated, it’s cool to have all your stuff on show.

It makes sense. If you’ve spent your life so far curating a collection of vintage pieces and designer trinkets to die for, why would you want to shove them away in a drawer?

Breton stripes look so good against a huge variety of outfits, so it goes without saying that they’ll match a range of interior styles too. Whether your home is all exposed brick or it’s perfectly painted in Farrow and Ball, there will be an open-plan closet design to suit your style.

Then, once it’s all installed, you can spend your mornings choosing clothes elegantly from a beautiful array of choices. Much like we’d imagine Coco Chanel used to do.

Turn Your Shelves Upside Down

Ikea has some great ideas on their site, and one we absolutely want to try is using upside-down shelving brackets to display clothes around your room — so getting dressed is like going shopping every single day. Amazing!


 This way, you can see all of your favourite pieces — we’d choose our Breton shirts and a couple of our most prized bags, belts and jackets — and they’ll brighten up your room too. We always knew that Louis Vouitton weekend bag would make a great addition to our soft furnishings.

Clothes Instead of Curtains

We absolutely love this idea from Ikea (again, is there anything they can’t do?) where favourite pieces are hung to divide or section a room — in this case, to partially cover a wide window.

What we love about this idea is that the best of our clothes are given the best of the light in the room, and it’ll make us happy to see them every day, instead of drawing the curtains back on what will probably be, let’s face it, a grey, drizzly day. Huge tick for this one.


How do you feel about putting your clothes out on display? Do you love your stripes enough to make them a feature, or are you a tidy-everything-away Marie Kondo type?

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