Meet Our Summer Must-Haves

Summer really is the season for buying new clothes.

Why? Well, for a start we head out more, we see more people, we socialise - as if we’re making up for lost time (and, given the past couple of years, this really is the case for so many of us).

Nature looks best when it's wearing its summer outfit, and naturally, we want to look good in our summer gear too.

So, let’s cover five of our summer must-haves, so you can bloom bloom bloom this season and beyond.

Picasso 2

Sometimes it only takes a single pinch of salt to perfect a dish, or one stroke of a brush to make a painting a masterpiece.

We took our classic Picasso shirt, and then, 20 years later, added a single red stripe. Now look at it.

We think you’ll agree that it’s the subtlety that makes it so affective.

Breton Shirt Navy Stripes

Regatta Blue stripes resting on a a background of Atlantic Blue, this shirt is calling out for the summer sun, like the Atlantic itself.

Sometimes (a lot of the time, if we’re being honest with ourselves) it’s the simple things that stand out. This shirt is blue on blue. So simple. So Breton.

 The Breton Vert

Back in the 1990s, this was the second colour of shirt we introduced - and now it’s back with a vengeance this summer, claiming its rightful spot in the limelight.


Made to a square cut fit, as with all our classic Breton shirts, and manufactured from 100% knitted 180 gsm unbleached cotton, this shirt brings a clarity and a freshness to your every step.

Le T-Shirt Rouge

As with all Breton shirts, this T-shirt is made to last. Yes, there is such a thing these days.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident with your Breton wear. So you can rest assured that when it starts to feel cosy and well-worn, like it might just be your new favourite T-shirt, your time with it is only just beginning.

This red on white is a classic design. The white supports the red, giving it strength and confidence. Which, they say, are the qualities wearing red brings to the person wearing it. Just saying…

The ‘Refuse to Die’ Breton Beach Bag

We thought we would end on something a little different, like an unexpected encore.

What’s with the ‘refuse to die’ bit? Because 20% of all our fabric is wasted at garment production.

So we put our thinking caps on. How could we be more sustainable, in a time when we’re all being made aware of our impact on our amazing planet?

We give you: The Breton Beach Bag.

We would love your support with this. Based on 300 gsm striped cotton factory waste and cut-offs, it’s stylish, practical, and just big enough for your beach essentials.

Feels like a summer must-have to us.

Enjoy the sun, folks.

Until next time…