Men's Style: Boys in Bretons

Breton tops aren’t just for feminine looks, you know.

Our stylish, hardwearing Breton Shirt Company tops and jumpers are ideal fashionable masculine wardrobe staples, too. From updating an everyday casual outfit to dressing down a smart suit, Breton stripes bring a touch of class to every look – naturalement.

Of course, the most well-known Breton stripe-loving man has to be the iconic James Dean. Effortlessly stylish, his rugby-shirt style Breton top became world famous. Is it any wonder?

Copy his look with our own version of the classic Breton rugby top. It’s what inspired us to create this piece and we love it for its easy-wearing, just-throw-it-on casualness and its instant nod to a classic style. It looks great on everyone.

James Dean, rocking Breton stripes in the way only he could

If sports-casual is more your style, our classic Breton shirt in blue or black stripes can lift that casual look to something a little more refined. That makes it perfect for day wear – second date, perhaps? – or when a little more effort needs to be made. Like dinner at your mum’s.

As you can see in our pic, pairing Breton stripes with a cap and light shirt or bomber jacket really sharpens the silhouette, without it looking too try-hard or over smart.

How about this look for something a little different? If your style stands out from the crowd, swapping your black or grey base layers for Breton gives you a unique but ultimately classic edge.

Here, our model shows that stripes can be colourful, and we love how he’s accessorised his jacket with bright, statement shoes. We’d also recommend coloured Dr Marten's for this look.

Add a leather jacket to toughen it up and make it your own.

Did you know that not all of our Breton Shirt Company tops are stripy?

If you prefer a more monochrome look, or if you’re simply looking for a perfect plain top that’ll smarten up every outfit you pair it with, our Le Naval will see you through any fashion storm. It’s a faithful copy of the classic plain Breton sweater, only light and supersoft. You need it.


Of course, the oldies have still got the goods. Our long-sleeved classic Breton top goes with everything. We’re serious.

Seen below, it makes plain black jeans look like the fashion statement of the century, but we could easily see it making chinos look smart and snappy, Bermuda shorts look fresh and summer-ready and blue jeans look timeless and achingly cool.

Accessorise with statement jewellery and frames, or keep it simple and let the stripes do the talking. Either works a treat.


What we love about our men’s Breton shirts is that they really are the clothes that keep on giving. They’ve been in style for 200 years, and we make them in materials that get better with age.

They stand up to frequent washing, they are easy to re-shape, and frankly, they just love being worn. Treat them well and they’ll be your favourite tops for years to come.

Take a look at our Men’s section for a good look at the Breton styles we’re selling right now. Whether you’re looking for a light top to wear in St Tropez, or a heavy cotton long-sleeve to update your Sunday pub lunch outfit, we’ve got you covered.