Organic Cotton – Why do we use it?

If you’ve bought one of our Breton Shirts before then you’ll know that we use 100% Organic Cotton. We love the feel of our shirts and we even believe that the more you wash our shirts, the better they feel! We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and if you’ve have one, you’ll understand why we are so proud! Most people are unaware of the benefits of Organic Cotton, so here they are –

The Environment

Organic Cotton is grown without using chemical fertilisers which normal cotton relies on. Normal Cotton accounts for around 25% of the insecticides used throughout the world and ranks as one of the most heavily fertilised crops. With no insecticides, pesticides or fertilisers present, Organic Cotton helps improve land quality and conserves biodiversity. Pesticides also unintentionally kill an estimated 67 million birds per year in the United States too which is even more than the population of Britain (Est 65 million people)!


With all these chemicals used for normal cotton, it of course has a terrible effect on the well-being of the cotton farmers. Many have been known to die as a result of this exposure to dangerous chemicals and the growth of Organic Cotton removes this threat. The WHO (World Health Organisation) claim around 20,000 deaths are caused each year from pesticide poisoning in developing countries. With all the pest attacks taken into account, studies show that Organic Cotton actually ends up being the cheaper material to grow too.


Now if we haven’t convinced you with the paragraphs above, you’ll be pleased to know that our Organic Cotton shirts have a direct benefit for you too. It is softer and better for your skin! Ok, there is no scientific proof but everything you read about Organic Cotton will pretty much confirm this for you! There are no chemical retentions from Organic Cotton so if you do have any allergies or sensitive skin then you’ll be much more comfortable wearing our shirts than you would a non-Organic Cotton competitor.

So Organic Cotton is better for the environment, saves lives and is easier on our skin! We will never revert back from Organic Cotton and make this promise to our customers!