Our Favourite French Spots for a Spring Mini Break

Between the smaller tourist crowds, the warmer weather and the gorgeous blooms, spring is one of the best times to treat yourself to a French getaway. The only difficult thing? Choosing where to go, as there are many wonderful holiday spots in France.

We’ve helped narrow down the list to our top five French destinations to add to your travel itinerary. Read on…


Two words: cherry blossoms.

Paris grows even more beautiful than usual between late March and mid-April, when the cherry blossoms spring to life across the city. Given this short window of time, we think this special experience makes the City of Light an even more attractive destination.

Some places to add to your cherry blossom-spotting itinerary: the Eiffel Tower, the Palais Royal, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Jardin des Tuileries next to the Louvre Museum.

Loire Valley

If rustic, historic scenes are more your thing, then you’ll want to see the Loire Valley in central France. You’ll quickly see why this stunning region has been given UNESCO World Heritage site status.

The Loire Valley is most famous for its châteaux – about 300 of them. While impossible to visit them all on your holiday, you can visit a few of them while also enjoying their colourful gardens.


The Normandy region of France boasts many holiday spots that become even more appealing during the spring.

From the gardens and museums of Giverny to the stunning abbey on the island of Mont Saint-Michel, there’s much to see and enjoy in this magical northern part of France.

What’s more, Normandy’s beaches are the site of the 1944 D-Day invasion, so if you’re a history buff, you can look forward to less tourist crowds at this historic location.

French Riviera

For a sun-soaked holiday, head on over to the French Riviera. Located on the Mediterranean coast of southeast France, this region is the place to be when you want French Riviera summer vibes without, well, the French Riviera summer heat, tourist crowds and prices.

There’s lots to do in the French Riviera during springtime. Besides the obvious choice of relaxing on the balmy beaches, there are plenty of seaside towns to enjoy, outdoor activities to partake in (from kayaking and paddle boarding to trail hiking and cycling) and lush gardens in which to lose yourself.


Unwind and pamper yourself with a trip to central France’s Auvergne, a region bursting with forests, valleys, volcanoes, lakes and springs. It’s the perfect spot for nature lovers and those wanting a more relaxed French experience.

There are many activities to enjoy here, including sampling the local cheeses or taking in the glory of Auvergne in spring as you hike, climb or raft. 

And after a long and exhausting day, kick your feet back at any one of Auvergne’s many thermal spas. The healing baths here will soothe not just your body, but your mind and soul as well.

Ready for your spring retreat in France? Do remember to pack the essentials for your trip – like French-inspired attire.

Until next time…