Our Favourite Long-Sleeved Shirts: A Round Up

During these chilly winter months - whether you’re planning a trip to the ski slopes (we can dream, eh?) or a mere round-trip expedition from your bed to your fridge, you’ve got to dress the part.

Long-sleeved shirts will do the trick, keeping your upper body warm and toasty without restricting your movement. The best long-sleeved shirts, we think, are ones that are just light enough that you can wear them even in warmer weather.

At the Breton Shirt Company, we’ve got plenty of such long-sleeved shirts that will keep you looking cool without feeling cold. Here, we’ll run through some of our favourites, which we hope will become your favourites, too.

The Original Breton

Naturally, we have to start this list off with our all-time favourite, the Original Breton shirt.

The classic black and white stripes of this long-sleeved shirt is sure to evoke images of balmy, sunshiny days on a French fishing boat. This shirt feels like home: cosy, safe and comforting, something you can always come back to.

The Polo Breton

Up next is the Polo Breton shirt, whose polo neck, long sleeves and soft cotton material are certain to keep you feeling warm on even the chilliest winter day. Layer a solid-coloured cardigan or jacket over the Polo Breton for a truly chic look, perfect for a business casual outfit— and, given the ultra-soft material, the emphasis is on ‘casual.’

The Breton Sweater

Over the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, fishermen had to wear the snuggest sweaters to keep themselves warm.

Here at the Breton Shirt Company, we did our best with a faithful recreation of these toasty fishermen sweaters, and the result is the Breton Sweater. This hand crafted sweater is made from 100% Merino wool, which makes this piece so comfortable to lounge about in. We also love the extra style points that come from the row of buttons on the shoulder.

The Breton Stripe X2

We drew inspiration from the French Navy uniforms of old with the Breton Stripe X2 shirt. Sure, the Breton Stripe X2 might be missing a stripe or two – or several – but the novel two-striped design and the classic navy base will make sure you’re never not stylish.

The Breton Rugby

The Breton Rugby shirt has been an old favourite of ours. We’re not sure what we love most about this striped long-sleeved. Maybe it’s the matelot style collar. Maybe it’s the vented hem. Maybe it’s all of the above, plus the thick, 100% organic material that will keep back even the bitterest ocean breeze. Whatever it is, the Breton Rugby is sure to be a favourite of yours as well after just one wear.

The Picasso

The Picasso shirt is another classic favourite. Inspired by the eponymous artist who loved his French sailor shirts almost as much as we love ours, this blue-striped long-sleeved shirt will keep you feeling warm and fashionable. Bring a touch of French chic to your wardrobe with this charming fisherman striped shirt.

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