Our Favourite Places to Visit in Brittany: A Guide

We love Brittany. You might have guessed from the jolly Breton shirts and the jaunty way we wear our berets. It’s our favourite family holiday destination, and our number one choice for romantic weekend getaways. We visit for the food and the culture, and we visit for the relaxing days by the beach. There’s so much to do in this wonderful corner of France that we’re still discovering new places to visit.

In fact, since our friends are so tired of hearing us wax lyrical about the wonderful world of Brittany, we thought we’d give you some of our top travel tips for visiting the area. So here they are, our favourite places to visit in North West France. We hope to bump into you there soon!

Relive the past at Josselin Castle

The monolithic and ever-so-sturdy-looking medieval castle of Josselin is as fascinating as it is imposing. Walk the grounds and explore the rooms inside to get a real sense of life here back in the 1300s, and use the fortification to get a good view of the lush Oust valley.


Surprisingly there’s also a toy museum here. The great-great grandmother of the Rohan family, who still live in the castle today, started a collection of dolls and this vast collection is now on view to the public. Take a trip into the village of Josselin and you’ll easily get your fix of half-timbered medieval houses and winding streets.

Explore the wild Quimber Cornouaille

Whether you love nature, the great outdoors or simply striding around the seashore in Breton stripes like a true local, Quimber is the place to be. Here you’ll find rugged coastline, beautiful blue seas and nature reserves — perfect for active days out with the kids.

We also love Quimber for the Pont du Raz, France’s version of the end of the world. Clifftop walks here can be blustery, but the views are incredible. Just make sure you don’t get blown away!

Take Off to the zoo!

There are a number of zoos in Brittany, and they’re always a hit with the kids, especially if the weather’s a little unpredictable for other outdoor activities.

The zoo and Castle Bourbansais has the added tourist draw of being a gorgeous 16th century castle in a rolling green estate. It’s a full day out and afterwards, there are plenty of good places to eat and drink in the old cobbled town of Dinan. Here you’ll also find a rail museum and plenty of historic buildings and monuments to explore.

Visit the Pretty Town of Auray

Auray-Saint-Goustan is windswept and interesting in the unique way only Brittany can be. Cobbled streets, historic houses and shops selling all manner of cheeses and preserves, this little town is perfect for aimless sunny hand-in-hand strolls. What’s more, its harbour is almost impossibly beautiful. We often spend hours with a café au lait or a glass of wine, watching sailing boats set off down the coast and spotting traditional Breton shirts on the crew members. We have to get our inspiration from somewhere!

It’s a town of art and culture too, and you’ll find galleries everywhere here, with paintings by local artists and those from far flung lands too. We recommend you visit during the annual oyster festival for maximum romance.

Have we inspired you to visit the wonderful place that is Brittany? Do you already visit regularly? We’d love to know where your favourite places to go are in this magical part of the world.