Packing a Capsule Suitcase: How To

Want to travel light on your summer holiday this year? We don't blame you. No one wants to lug a huge travel bag through the airport - or rifle through one too many outfits as they reach their destination.

In this article, then, we share with you how we choose the garments that make up our 'capsule suitcase'. Read on...

What is a capsule suitcase?

Just like a 'capsule wardrobe', a capsule suitcase combines items of clothing that can be easily mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. The emphasis is on quality over quantity: on choosing garments that can work with anything and will stand the test of time.

You might also choose a colour scheme for your capsule suitcase, which makes mixing and matching your items even easier. 

What might your capsule suitcase include?

These are just suggestions, but a capsule holiday suitcase might include:

  • A classic, little black dress/or black suit
  • A great pair of white, comfy trainers/classic heels
  • A well-fitting pair of jeans
  • A pair of denim shorts
  • Multiple, well-fitting t-shirts
  • A cardigan, casual throw-over, or a classic jacket.

So, how do you put together a capsule wardrobe? Here are some suggestions...

Consider Your Destination

Where are you off to this year? Consider your destination carefully - and the types of outfits you'll want to reach for. There's no point packing multiple, coordinating lightweight outfits if rain could well be on the agenda. Similarly, you won't want too many, bulkier garments if it's going to be hot, hot, hot!

Research where you're going - and the kind of activities you'll be indulging in - before planning your capsule suitcase. Then, make a list of what you'll need and head out shopping. That's the fun part, of course. 

Try to pick items of clothing which will work for any type of holiday, though; 'layering' is your friend.

Choose a Colour Scheme You Love

A neutral colour scheme of black, white and/or beige or 'sand' will work for any type of holiday (just go easy on the black if you're going somewhere too hot or sunny).

You can then add pops of colour in here and there via good-quality t-shirts or camisole tops, or well-chosen accessories.

If In Doubt, Choose Classic Shapes and Styles

Shopping for a capsule wardrobe or suitcase can be tough, but once you've gathered the basics, you'll find they will work for lots of different holidays. 

A classic Breton shirt can be thrown over your swimsuit on a beach holiday, or you can team it with your favourite jeans for that city break.

Go for a monochrome style if you want it to pair well with anything you pack - we also like the navy and cream-based Original Breton Shirt, pictured below.

Pick classic styles, shapes and prints and you'll get much more mileage out of your holiday wardrobe.

Was this helpful? We hope it takes the stress out of creating your go-to wardrobe for your summer break. 

Until next time...

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