Staying home? Choose Comfort and Style During the Lockdown

As the covid-19 pandemic continues and we all get used to working remotely or developing old or new hobbies at home, we have some top tips for everyone who’s self-isolating or social-distancing.

Here’s how to enjoy this new kind of ‘normal’ we’re experiencing currently…

Set a Routine

You may have been furloughed or you may still be working your full-time role from home. Either way, you’ll need a routine to stick to in order to get the most out of your days.

If you’re on furlough, consider taking up a new hobby or skill – or use the time to get on top of some house jobs, such as decluttering the spare room, or giving each room a deep clean. To-do lists are as important as ever now, as they will help you stay motivated while stuck at home.

For those still working, setting up a workstation from home can be challenging if you’re short of space – but any workspace can become a cosy little set-up, if you think creatively. Pinterest offers plenty of inspiration if you need to ensure a desk positioned in the corner of your living room can feel like a workspace.

Consider practical yet colourful storage solutions for your paperwork and files and set a routine that will help you be more productive.

Don’t Allow Yourself to Feel Guilty

You may set up a fool proof routine but, try as you might, your 9 to 5 set-up at home just won’t feel the same as it does in the office. If that’s the case, don’t feel guilty if you keep slightly different working hours – if your boss and workload will allow you to, of course.

As we all get used to this new and trying way of life, we must be as aware of the state of our mental health as we are our physical health.

If that means working in one-hour bursts, then allowing yourself a 10-minute coffee break, so be it. If you get all your work done ahead of deadline, does it really matter if you didn’t do it within the hours of 9 to 5?

Choose Comfortable Yet Stylish Workwear

While working from home, you may not feel like your usual office attire is as necessary as it once was. So, consider ditching the three-piece suit and instead choose practical yet stylish loungewear that’ll still look ‘put together’ when you’re on that work Zoom call.

We offer a range of styles you’ll love, from fitted shirts like the popular Breton Rouge to longer-sleeved favourites like the Picasso Royale. Choose either and pair with anything from black jeans to wide-legged palazzo pants, or even your usual black work trousers.  

How are you coping during the covid-19 pandemic? We hope you’re staying safe and following the government guidelines. Rest assured that the team here at Breton Shirt Company is – and it’s business as usual here at our Harrogate HQ.

If you’re hoping a spot of retail therapy may cheer you up, take a look at our stylish collection of shirts here on the site.

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Until next time…