Stylish Ways to Wear Your Breton this Spring

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Before the whole country’s on coronavirus lockdown, why not head out and enjoy the spring sunshine?

Whether you’re planning to take a brisk countryside walk on your own or you’re strolling with a friend (keeping a strict distance of six metres away, you understand), you’ll certainly benefit from some much-needed vitamin D.

…and what should you wear when you’re prancing around in the meadows or catching some rays in your back yard? A Breton shirt, of course. Here are a few ways you can style yours this spring…

With a Pinafore Dress

A little bit preppy but oh so cool, a pinafore dress – whether denim, linen or cord – is the perfect spring garment. Team yours with a Breton shirt and stand out in stripes. We love a denim pinafore dress with our Breton rouge shirt.

Made from 100% knitted 180 gsm unbleached cotton, the shirt is a stylish square cut fit, as with all our nautical shirts. Plus, the more you wear it, the better it feels.

With Palazzo Pants

Not sure what to wear when self-isolating and/or working from home? A pair of wide-legged palazzo pants work perfectly with a Breton shirt. Tuck in the shirt and pair with slippers for a relaxed yet still relatively ‘done’ appearance. When you’re logging into that Skype call, no one need ever know you’re wearing those slippers!

With Your Go-to Jeans

Whether boyfriend style, flared or bootcut, your trusty pair of jeans will work perfectly with your favourite Breton shirt. Pair a black pair with our classic Breton Rouge, as pictured above, or team a white pair with our vibrant Picasso Royale.

Currently priced at £48, it’s an absolute steal and the ideal addition to any wardrobe. Having unpicked the original Breton, we reverse engineered the entire shirt, added the red stripe and stopped before our production team said no more! And while all about us sweated in the unforgiving August heat, we remained cool and composed wearing our latest invention. This piece is made from perfectly weighted pre-washed soft 220 gsm organic cotton and we promise it’ll be your favourite shirt this spring – how will you wear yours?

With Culottes

Providing we experience a warm spring, why not get those legs out and wear a pair of culottes or long shorts with your Breton shirt? Culottes will transport you to your youth in an instant. Plus, they’re comfy and cosy for working from home or heading outdoors for a mid-afternoon stroll.

With a Corduroy Skirt

Try a touch of nostalgia with a black corduroy skirt. It’ll work extremely well with any one of our Breton shirts – or go for a bold coloured skirt like mustard or cherry red, pairing it with a simple black and white striped shirt like this one. What do you think?

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