The Breton Shirts That Go with Everything

One of the great things about Breton shirts is that they’re extremely versatile. Really! There’s a Breton shirt for every wardrobe, every season and every style. Breton stripes even look good with patterned wardrobe pieces, if you’re feeling bold.

Let's take a look at some Breton Shirt Company shirts go great with anything, from denim jeans to knotted neck scarves and everything in between. Read on…

The Original Breton

The Original Breton shirt is bound to become a timeless staple in your wardrobe. This soft, classic shirt features cream and navy stripes and long sleeves, making it a great choice, not only for winter, but also for cooler spring weather. Add a pop of colour and Parisian flair to the Original Breton shirt with the addition of a neck scarf.

The Picasso

This nostalgic Breton classic works wonderfully with other wardrobe items, no matter what style you’re going for. Wear the Picasso shirt with beige trousers, for when you want to look chic heading into the office. Or, when the weather’s warmer, pair it with shorts fit for a casual stroll through the park.

The Breton Ice

Like its name, the Breton Ice shirt is cool, crisp and sophisticated. Even so, we think there’s something playful hiding within these sharply contrasting lines. Toss on pale denim jeans or beige trousers for a casual look, or, if you want to play to the Breton Ice’s elegant side, you can opt for classy black trousers or a pencil skirt.

The Breton Grey

The grey stripes of the Breton Grey are light in colour and in nature. The long sleeves and durable cotton make it an excellent staple for your winter wardrobe. Pair it with a chunky black neck scarf or a fluffy teddy coat so you can rock this winter in style (and in warmth!). Or wear it tucked into light coloured jeans with ankle boots for a more playful look.

The Breton Rouge

Yes, even the Breton Rouge shirt goes well with everything! Don’t let the bold red stripes fool you. There’s something French chic about this long-sleeved Breton classic, which will instantly upgrade any outfit you wear. Wear the Breton Rouge with dark denim, black skinnies or a white cardigan for a touch of French- inspired style.

The Breton Noir

Black pairs well with any other colour, just as the Breton Noir shirt pairs perfectly with any other wardrobe piece. The black stripes of the Breton Noir were inspired by the similarly coloured stripes of the unofficial flag of Brittany, so this is a Breton shirt through and through. Go for a monochromatic look this winter by pairing the Breton Noir with black trousers or a leather jacket, or add a hint of simple elegance with a buttonfront skirt.

The Breton Rugby

The thick, long-sleeved Breton Rugby shirt is an excellent choice to wear in the winter, but it’s still light enough to be worn year-round. The classic, elegant collar makes for a shirt that’s both perfect to wear into work and comfy enough to be worn casually.

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