The Breton Tee: Wear It Like an Instagram Influencer

The Breton Tee: Wear It Like an Instagram Influencer

Instagram specifically and social media in general are brimming with inspiration. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an idea or two for your home, a motivational quote or two to help whip you – and your body – into shape, or some make-up hints or tips, you’ll find it online.

The same can be said for fashion-related advice: Instagram is full of it. Here at The Breton Shirt Company, we love nothing more than scrolling through our feed to see how people put together a selfie-ready outfit – and we particularly enjoy seeing how the fashion-forward style our distinctive, striped tees.

So, to bring you some much-needed inspiration of your own, we’re showing you how five Instagram gurus dress up their favourite, nautical-inspired t-shirt. Enjoy!

With a Classic Blazer

This blogger and Instagrammer (sadly, her hugely fashionable account no longer exists, though – sob) definitely knows how to do cool, casual and oh-so-chic style. Adding immediate interest to her ensemble by pairing her t-shirt with a well-fitting blazer, she looks effortlessly stylish – don’t you agree?

Why not take a leaf out of her book and look at our range too; our red Bretons work perfectly with a white blazer, while our blue ones look fab with a smart black jacket.

With a Traditional Trench Coat

The lady behind @scotch.and.stilettos pairs her Breton tee with a traditional trench coat – and we love the whole ensemble. What could be more British than a look like this one? Add a chesterfield couch and you’ve pretty much earned top marks on the ‘Old English’ style barometer.

With a Bold Lip

Nikki is the face behind the ’40 Not Frumpy’ Instagram account – and having shed a huge amount of weight after joining Slimming World, she’s experimenting with her style and loving every minute. We think she looks fab in her red, Breton tee – complete with bold, pink lippie – do you?

With a Cool ‘n’ Casual Pair of Dungarees

Couple goals, indeed! Here, Monsieur Kool takes a stroll with an equally-stylish lady, both while donning dungarees and a chic Breton t-shirt – but whose look gets your vote?

Now that we’re very much in the thick of winter, we advise a coat or jacket over the top, of course – but make sure you still show off your Breton tee at every opportunity you get!

With a Statement Jacket


Here’s ‘That Dapper Chap’ living up to his Instagram handle! You just can’t beat the combination of a Breton t-shirt and a statement jacket like this bright yellow one – what do you think? This outfit has summer strolls written all over it. You could pair your tee with a thick, woollen overcoat though instead; the choice is absolutely all yours.

So, tell us…how do you wear your Breton tee? We’d love to see your photos and share them in our next blog post. Go on; get in touch with our team and send us a photo or two. Don’t forget to head to the Breton Shirt Company’s Instagram page for more inspiration, too – we’ll see you there.

Until next time…