The Many Faces of Breton

We can’t help but wonder if the French sailors of the 1850’s knew they were at the forefront of a century long (and still going…) fashion aeon?

Because that is exactly what has happened with the Breton name. 

Over the years, decades and even the past century, we have seen Breton grow from a practical uniform of the seas, all the way to the wardrobes of the most iconic people in the world. Here, we are highlighting and celebrating some of these icons flaunting Breton in style.

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

Regardless of her title, we all know Kate Middleton has shown us she’s really a jack of all trades. Whether she’s attending royal meetings across the globe, or running round a field with Prince George, Kate has adapted to one of the most varied and unique lifestyles there is. Her wardrobe therefore, should follow suit.

HRH has been spotted wearing similar pieces to our ladies Breton shirts many times, such as the Marin Royal to the Breton VertEven more impressively, Kate recycles these pieces with other key items to fit for her diverse and busy schedule.

James Dean

James Dean was the heartthrob of his time, as well as a major fashion mogul.
Starring in some of the most iconic films, and becoming the most renowned male model of his time, James Dean’s face, body, wardrobe, work and personal life was the most sought after in the world. Strictly wardrobe speaking, we all know he is famous for his Matchless leather jackets and motorbikes, but what you may not know is that Mr. Dean always opted for a Breton style shirt when he was off camera.

Paired with a double denim combination, or a classic brown leather jacket he wore items similar to the Submariner and the Breton Noir.

Jean Paul Gaultier

We all know Jean Paul Gaultier as the French haute couture fashion designer, and the Creative Director of the well known Hermes fashion house for the best part of a decade.

He has produced some of the most recognizable pieces of fashion, and dressed the likes of Kate Moss and Madonna (we all remember Madonna’s famous pointy bustier? That was Mr. Gaultier.) in pieces that beautifully reflect his French roots.

Mr. Gaultier also loves to keep his own personal wardrobe synonymous to his roots, by wearing a Breton shirt with combinations such as a sharp blazer jacket, or some biker style ripped jeans.