There's Still Time to Order a Breton Shirt for Someone Special…

We're almost half way through December already and despite visiting at least two Christmas markets, your present shopping isn’t going so well. We know the feeling. It’s so easy to avoid the shops altogether and head straight for the first place that sells hot chocolate with a tower of marshmallows and cream on top.

Don’t worry. There’s one thing everyone loves all year round - and that’s chic, smart clothes that make every outfit flawless with literally no effort whatsoever. We reckon our Breton shirts fit this bill exactly. Just pull one of these babies over your head and there you have it — effortless Parisienne style in a flash.

The only tricky part (and it’s not very tricky, really) is figuring out which Breton shirt to choose for your favourite person. Not all Breton shirts are the same, you see.

If you’re planning to give somebody their new favourite shirt for Christmas, that shirt needs to be perfect. So think about what they normally wear and what they normally do. Are they a smart casual queen? Do they rock a leather jacket and Dr Martens? Are they outside in all weathers? Take a moment to give their gift a bit of consideration and you’ll find the right stripes for them. And the effort is worth it. Trust us, they’ll love you, and their new Breton top, forever.

Make it Special with Our Personalised Embroidery

Whether you choose a heavyweight Russian Navy shirt for chilly dog walks or a super-chic Picasso II to brighten up jeans or chinos, you can personalise your choices with our special embroidery service.

Every embroidered piece is hand-embroidered bespoke to order by our lovely in-house textile artist, Samantha. You can even choose where to have your chosen design stitched onto your garment, and Samantha will sew your every wish, while BBC Radio 6 plays on in the background. How’s that for detailed, attentive, full-of-love service? Just call us your Christmas elves.

You can choose from a range of designs to suit all kinds of personalities and hobbies, but here are some of our favourites.


The seagulls embroidered onto your top represent the freedom of the seaside, and the sound of gulls in the sky that reminds you of childhood holidays, fish and chips, sandcastles and paddling in tiny waves. If your friend loves the seaside — or is big into birdspotting — this is an ideal choice.


Having an anchor embroidered onto your Breton top somehow makes it seem more official. We’re not sure how. All we know is that a Breton top with an anchor stitched onto it becomes an ultimate holiday shirt — the type of holiday shirt that really means business. Yes, you’ve planned each day’s activities, yes, you know where all the great places to eat are and yes, of course you’ve booked a day trip on a little boat. Because of course you have. You’ve got your anchor top on.


We especially love the initials embroidery option because it truly is the most subtle and sweet way to personalise a gift to your loved one. Samantha offers three different fonts too, so you can choose from the rather curly and delicious “Parisienne”, the chain-stitched “Bretagne”, or the functional, vintage look of “Aquitaine”.

 Whichever Breton shirt you choose for your friend, remember that you’re not just giving them a Christmas present. You’re getting them a shirt that gets better with wear, that’ll become their favourite top for years to come. Honestly, it’ll be their best present of the year.

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Until next time...