Trip to the beach? What to Wear

There’s no place like home – except for the beach, that is.

If you’re anything like us, you’re just itching to leave your worries behind for a day and treat yourself to a trip to the sea. To that we say, you deserve it. 

For your sandy staycation, we’ve picked out these beach-inspired and beach-ready outfits you’ll never tire of. Read on…

T-shirt and Denim Shorts

Is there a beach combo more classic than the tee and denim shorts combo? It’s not hard to see the appeal in this down-to-earth and fuss-free outfit.

A white t-shirt nonchalantly tucked into blue denim shorts is about as classic as you can get. If you want to add a bit more visual interest to this casual outfit, though, why not go for a colourful or patterned shirt? Even something as simple as stripes can elevate the classic tee-and-shorts look.

Playsuits or Jumpsuits

Playsuits are the perfect marriage between a dress and short trousers. They’re chic and flattering, and they’re the go-to outfit for wearing to the beach. No need to worry about matching your top with your shorts anymore – just grab your playsuit...and go. Race you to the sea!

You can also opt for a jumpsuit, which is exactly like a playsuit, except with long trouser legs - perfect for those windier beach outings.

Beach Dress

Enjoy the sun and the sea with an airy beach dress that you can wear both on and off the sand. The perfect beach dress should be both stylish and cosy, prioritising comfort and ease of movement.

If you’re up for some swimming, choose a coverup dress that can be worn over your swimsuit.

Flowy dresses are our top pick, but you can’t go wrong with more fitted styles either. The super soft cotton Breton Après Beach dress comes to mind. 


With functional-yet-fashionable outfits in mind, we think it would be a fashion faux pas not to mention a wonderful invention called the skort.

Skorts themselves are not new, but they’ve been making a comeback in recent years - and for good reason. With skorts, you get the best of two worlds in a tiny package suitable for wearing to the beach.

Skorts are incredibly versatile. Wear them with a slouchy tee, swimsuit coverup or loose-fitting patterned blouse on top. Or, to embrace the sporty nature of this fashion piece, you can pair your skort with a polo shirt.

Long-sleeved Shirt and Trousers

For those days when the seaside is a little too chilly or windy, you might want to cover up without sacrificing those beachy vibes. In that case, reach for a breezy long-sleeved top with lightweight trousers to finish off the look. We think culottes would fit the bill here.

The Bateau Mariniere Breton shirt would look especially dashing tucked into loose, flowy khaki-coloured trousers. It’s the perfect nautical look.

Now you’re all set to enjoy the sunny beaches near you. We hope you enjoy your mini vacay!

Until next time…