Wear it Like a Parisian: How to Style Your Breton Top for a French Getaway

One of the best feelings in the world is when you’re strolling down the street absolutely confident that you look as chic as Coco Chanel.

That’s why we love our Breton shirts so much. No matter how you feel on the inside: full of a cold or feeling down about that work deadline; you can strut your stuff in the supermarket knowing you look a picture of Parisian style.

If you’re wondering how one wears a Breton shirt to elevate it from 'comfy Sunday' to 'on my way for a bellini at a Fellini film festival', here’s some of our tried and tested outfit ideas to inspire your inner Carla Bruni for your next trip to la gay Paris.

Tailor It

For Parisians, one of the most important things for any outfit is that it shows attention to detail and tailoring.

If you’ve watched at least one episode of Queer Eye, you’ll be familiar with the French Tuck. If not, you could consider immediately cinching in your silhouette and smartening your look by tucking the front of your top into your jeans, skirt or trousers. Just the front, mind!

Add a smart belt so the buckle’s showing and you’ve already elevated your whole outfit!

Choose Your Shoes

Once upon a time, to wear your Breton like a stylish French woman-about-town meant slipping on a pair of designer ballet pumps – in black, naturally.

These days, you’re just as likely to see a Parisian style icon wearing smart trainers, adding even more carefree joi de vivre to their outfit. This is a clever ruse, because of course their look has been carefully structured, but a pair of clean, white trainers loosens it up a bit. It makes you look a little more casual. In a totally French way, bien sur.

Add a Pop of Colour

Neutral tones are usually the order of the day for any Parisian outfit, and we’re going to stress that this is a great way to nail the look.

But, if you want to play around with it a little, a pop of colour adds a little je ne s’ais quoi. Find a statement handbag in your favourite shade, or add a bright beret or scarf to your ensemble.

If you’re choosing dark neutrals like navy and black, try bright yellow or even our rouge Breton stripes for something a little different.

If you’re more into light neutrals like camel and white, red or royal blue looks stunning. We love this blog post for a little inspiration.

Suit Up

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your Breton stripes, the answer is simple: suit up.

Get yourself a great pair of tailored trousers and a structured jacket or blazer, and wear your Breton underneath. You can play around with any aspect of this to make it your own – for example, try a coloured Breton stripe rather than the traditional blue, or add a pop of colour with a belt or statement necklace.

Not all suits have to scream workwear. Wide leg palazzo pants, cropped capri pants or even a textured fabric like linen instantly changes your look from office boss to champagne sipper.

Add oversized sunglasses for even more holiday style.

Of course, the best way to style your Breton like a Parisian is to wear it with confidence! Enjoy your holiday and eat plenty of cheese for us.