What does your Breton shirt choice say about you?

Whether we realise it or not, our personal style says a lot about us. While some people will choose garments for comfort and comfort alone, others will knowingly select pieces that reflect their personality.

There are people out there who will unknowingly dress to suit their personality, selecting black t-shirts or shirts to ‘blend in’ or even going for a monochrome look to make a sharp statement.

Colour can be used in a myriad of ways, to express our mood (bright orange and yellow, for example) or liven up an otherwise neutral-looking outfit.

What does your choice of Breton shirt say about you, then? Many of our shirts are similar in style, but some have a distinct cut, shape or colourway. This blog post is just for fun, but here’s our take on what your Breton shirt reveals about you…

Picasso Rouge

Our Picasso Rouge shirt (pictured below) has been inspired by none other than Picasso himself - an icon in the art world. Some may choose to wear this shirt simply because they love the simplicity of its red and white stripes, while others may wear it with the view of making a subtle nod to Picasso. 

Arty types, students and style lovers unite...this is a shirt that doesn't need much of an introduction. It can be worn with anything on the bottom half and it'll still look suave and sophisticated - just like you. Find it over here.

The Original Breton 'Patch' Shirt

We all remember when the addition of an elbow patch was for the purpose of eking out a few more months of life from your school blazer or favourite jacket. A laidback, retro look is what we were going for with this shirt, then, which is made from 100% super soft 220gsm interlock cotton.  

The wearer of this shirt is equally laidback. They look just as great when they've rolled out of bed and grabbed their favourite tee as they do when they've put hours of time and deliberation into their outfit.

Fans of our 'Patch' shirt love a paired down look, yet still want to add a quirky twist to their outfit, thanks to the shirt's elbow patch. A little bit 'off-duty Royal', a little bit Alexa Chung at a festival...this is an edgy shirt which is crying out to be added to your wardrobe.


Polo Breton

Love a polo shirt? Some people find a polo neck restrictive, while others love their clothes to feel like a cuddle in cotton form. Cue the Polo Breton, then, which is loved by fashionistas everywhere.

Stylish yet oh so simple in its design, it's the perfect 'geek chic' look, yet can be paired with a pair of palazzo pants or flares for a quirky '70s vibe too. In short, if you're not content with a simple square-necked shirt, the altogether edgier striped polo neck is for you.

The Breton Royale

A traditional French fisherman's shirt, The Breton Royale is made from 100% soft single jersey 180 gsm cotton and it's for those looking for a fresh look for their wardrobe. 

Perhaps you love the monochrome look but want to steer away from black and white. In that case, the blue and white stripes of the Royale will more than cut the mustard for you.

The wearer of this shirt has a coffee on a quaint, cobbled French street in their mind's eye. They're picturing this shirt with a jaunty red beret and a simple silk neck scarf. They're super stylish and they know it.


What does your Breton shirt choice say about you? Do you agree with our thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time...