What makes a Breton Shirt Company shirt? Introducing Our Four-Point Approach

Sure, there are many imitations on the market, but there are few striped shirts out there that replicate the quality and style of a Breton Shirt Company shirt. We hope that didn't sound like we were boasting, but rather that we are immensely proud of our brand and the care and attention we put into our collection.

Ours is a four-point approach – and we thought you might like to know exactly what goes into it. Our approach is basically the unique factors that make up each of our French-style Breton shirts. Read on…

Timeless Style

If you’re keen to channel the French and their effortlessly put-together style, you’ll certainly find what you're looking for in a Breton shirt. You can throw it on with anything and enjoy French flair in seconds.

As you’ll see from our collection, we turn the ‘styleometer’ right up to 10 with our garments, ensuring that they aren’t just comfortable but classically stylish – and ready to wear with almost anything.


Sustainably Made

Our shirts look good, that’s true. But they’re also made from sustainable cotton to ensure they feel just as good as they fit.

You can care for our shirts easily, too – just machine wash yours at 30 degrees and do not be tempted to tumble dry. You can steam iron your shirt back to shape, too.



Crafted by a Family-Run Team

Our shirts aren’t made in a huge warehouse; they’re made – with love and care – by a small, family-run team in our workshop in Portugal.

The collection itself is inspired by our family trips to France, our fondest memories making long journeys down south in our father’s Bedford van.

We’d cross to Calais in the amazing hi-tech hovercraft – and on our return, the van was usually jam-packed with interesting food, wine, and a striped shirt or two. That’s where and when our brand began – back in the 1980s – and the collection has evolved since then.

Made by a small business and created, manufactured and hand finished to the highest possible standards using only locally sourced fabric and materials, Breton Shirt Company shirts offer unrivalled quality.

Made to Last

We don’t want your shirt to be a one-wash wonder. It’s why they’re made from sustainable cotton and crafted with care.

Ours is a loyal following and our fans will tell you it's the quality of the shirts is what keeps them coming back.

It’s vital to us that our shirts are made from only the finest materials – and that we don’t scrimp where workmanship is concerned. Before setting up our brand, we became frustrated and increasingly disillusioned by brands making clothing in anonymous factories in faraway countries.

We didn’t want our shirts to be mass-produced – and of course, this ties in with number three in our four-factor approach, too.

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