What to Pack for a Sailing Getaway: Our Tips

Is there anything more freeing than a summertime sailing getaway? The wind in your hair, the soft gentle crash of the gentle waves, the creak and clunk of the sails straining against the helpful wind…we'd like to be transported there now, thank you very much.

When do you start your packing for a sailing trip? Do you get the bags and suitcases down excitedly a month beforehand, checking all your deck shoes and bits and bobs are safely stowed away? Or do you hurriedly grab your favourite things the night before and sling them in the back of the car, in a rush to smell the sea air?


Whenever you pack, it can sometimes be hard to know what to take, especially if you’ve never been on a sailing getaway before, or you’re heading somewhere new.

What will the marina clubhouse be like? Will there be a dress code? How many waterproofs will you need? Do sailors wear special hats like in the olden days? Etcetera, etcetera.

To help, here are our top items we’d never leave for a seaside holiday without. Time to get excited!

Soft-Soled Deck Shoes

You don’t necessarily need deck shoes, but if you’re heading out on holiday to mess about on boats, we say why not look the part?

These canvas, soft-soled shoes are made in the classic deck shoe style, and come in a range of classic colours that’ll match your outfits on land as well as at sea.

Made by Toms, you can wear these happily, knowing that every pair of shoes sold means a child in need also has a pair of Toms donated to them.

 Comfy, Lightweight Underwear 

When you’re getting splashed by waves all day, it’s good to be wearing lightweight clothes in layers that’ll dry off easily and keep you warm.

Icebreaker’s merino underwear is fast-drying and lightweight, and keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. What’s more, their clothing is responsibly manufactured and sold as a fair price, so you know that everyone who helped make them is being paid a decent living wage.

Classic Breton Styling

What do you call a sailor who isn't wearing stripes? A landlubber.

Keep your outfits looking ship-shape and shiny with the original Breton shirt, or if you’re braving colder climes, try the Submariner V2 with its heavyweight 300gsm cotton and hardwearing robustness. A definite must-have whatever the weather.

Soft Luggage

Did you know it’s bad luck to take a hard suitcase onboard a ship?

Better to be safe than sorry, and grab a beautiful leather duffle by Kovered for the trip.

Sailors are superstitious folks, and who are we to argue when soft luggage looks this good and is made so responsibly?

What would you take on a sailing trip? Let us know in the comments below - and don't forget to say hello on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, too.

Until next time...