Where to Wear Your Breton Shirt this Autumn

With autumn just around the corner, a host of exciting activities await. From pumpkin picking to mulled cider sipping, look cool and stay warm during this seasonal fun fest by wearing your favourite Breton shirt.

Here is a list of fall-friendly activities you can rock your Breton stripes.

Picking Pumpkins

Pumpkins are one of the most recognisable symbols of autumn, not to mention Halloween. Get in the spooky mood this autumn, then, by heading over to your nearest pumpkin patch (here’s a guide to some of the UK’s best pumpkin patches).

Go with your friends or family members for a great bonding experience, plus a chance to snap Instagram-worthy pics. Don’t forget to dress for the occasion!

Go on a Scenic Hike

Take advantage of the natural scenery and changing leaf colours by hiking at your nearest park or trail. This is a great chance to get fresh air, light exercise and mental rejuvenation all at once. Bonus points if you bring along a friend to catch up as you stroll and enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage. Do pack a sweatshirt – like the new Breton ‘No Sweat’ – just in case.

Shop at a Farmers’ Market

A new season means new produce to look forward to. What better way to look for fresh, wholesome produce than at your local farmers’ market?

Support local farmers and stock your cupboards with fresh fruit and veg, including squash, mushrooms, parsnips and pears. Some farmers’ markets will even sell season-specific fresh meat, such as pheasant.

So bundle up, grab your reusable shopping bag and head out to your nearest farmers’ market. Here’s a list of some great ones in the UK.

Visit a Cidery or Winery

Autumn is the season of apples, plus the tail end of grape season. Take advantage of the season’s offerings by visiting a cider mill or winery. Expect a scenic tour through the orchards or vineyards, followed by a tasting of freshly made apple cider or wine.

Sipping a cup of warm mulled cider while chatting with friends sounds like our idea of a fun time! Don’t forget a hoodie to keep the chill away.

Celebrate Bonfire Night

On 5 November, light the night up on Bonfire Night, the night to commemorate the failed 17th-century assassination of King James I. 

Dress up in your cosiest fit and attend a local Bonfire Night event. If you want to make it more lowkey, light your own bonfire in your back garden and invite over a few friends. S’mores, anyone?

Cosy Up at Home

Sometimes the autumn weather can get a bit too nippy for our liking. Rather than get dressed up to go outside, why not dress down for a relaxing night in?

Slip on some cosy socks and your comfiest Breton shirt (hard to pick, we know!) and grab a good book, queue up the next episode of your favourite Netflix obsession or choose some other relaxing activity. If you’ve got a fireplace, now’s the time to get a fire going.

Wherever you choose to visit these upcoming months, do chase off the autumn chill with a Breton shirt or perhaps a dashing scarf to complete your look. Don’t forget to browse our full collection of Breton tops here before you go!

Until next time…