Why Dungarees Are Your Go-to Garment in 2021

Well, here we are. No one quite expected that we’d still be in the middle of a global pandemic in 2021, but it looks like working from home, social distancing and mask-wearing will be part of our reality for some time.

We broke out our loungewear when the first lockdowns began in spring 2020, when we had to cope with spending a lot more time at home.

Cosy pyjamas, snuggly joggers and roomy jumpers became the standardised uniform of those of us transitioning to a work from home lifestyle. After all, if you’re going to be home all day, it’s best to be comfortable while doing it, right?

But in 2021, as we head into the second year of the pandemic, a wardrobe refresh might do us a world of good.

It’s hard to stay motivated and feel productive during a workday if you’re dressed in loungewear meant for, you know, lounging around. The last thing you need is to be nodding off in your fluffiest sleepwear while on an important video call.

May we introduce dungarees? These one-piece, bib and brace overalls are the wardrobe staple you need to get your hands on in 2021, during a time when denim jeans just aren’t convenient (or comfortable) enough for the work from home lifestyle, but you still want to get that denim look. They work perfectly with all manner of garments, too - like the Original Breton 'Patch' Shirt (below).

And there’s a good reason why you should start wearing dungarees during lockdown.

Dungarees have humble roots as practical workwear, with their large pockets eradicating the need for tool belts for those working in places like construction sites, farms and mechanic garages.

This garment is said to have originated in the 17th century in the form of ‘dungri,’ a thick, coarse cloth manufactured in India and used to create tough clothing meant to withstand hard labour.

Modern day dungarees have since evolved beyond mere working clothes, now coming in all sizes, colours and fits, but they retain the practical, hardy charm of their origins.

Though certainly utilitarian in design, we think dungarees are fun, the perfect balance between work and play - and we think they look fab with our Breton Rouge shirt (above).

You might even feel more motivated about your work if you’re wearing clothes designed to be worn while working. How’s that for a mind trick?

Now it looks like dungarees are going to be the go-to garment of lockdown after British model and fashion designer Alexa Chung posted a picture of herself wearing a pair over a Breton shirt. We think you can guess how much we at the Breton Shirt Co love this cosy, yet fashionable outfit of hers!

Recreate Alexa Chung’s Breton Shirt Co approved dungaree look with the Breton Regatta shirt (above), a classic, square cut shirt with navy and cream stripes. The softness of this organic cotton shirt, paired with the practical comfort of denim dungarees, means you can work from home in down to earth style and comfort, even on the chilliest days.

There are countless dungaree and Breton shirt combinations you can come up with. We know we’ll be trying out plenty throughout the year; what about you?

Until next time...