Why holiday in France?

France: aka the inspiration for our chic, striped shirts.

How exactly did Breton Shirt Company come about, then? It was while holidaying in the South of France, in our father’s Bedford van – crossing to Calais in the amazing, hi-tech hovercraft – that we hit on the idea to bring Breton-style shirts to the UK.

After all, we’d always fill our van to the gunnels with a striped top or two, alongside lots of interesting, French food of course.

That was back in 1988 and we’re still going strong. So, why should you holiday in France too? You know we love the place, but why – well, apart from the delicious food and those humble striped shirts, of course. Read on…

There’s Something for Everyone

From the bustling streets of Gay Paris to the quaint country lanes of France’s many villages, France really does have a holiday with everyone’s name on it. Head to the South of France and enjoy its gorgeously sunny weather and glorious beaches or soak up the city atmosphere in the French capital - either way you won't be disappointed. 

Travel by plane, ferry or Eurotunnel and head to France for a long weekend or a full week. Pack in as much sightseeing as you can on a city break or sit back and relax – glass of wine in hand (if that’s your tipple) at a gorgeous French café or vineyard.

Travel Time is Short

From the UK, travel time is relatively short - even if you head to France by ferry. From Manchester to Paris by plane, you're looking at around an hour and a half flying time, while a trip from London to the capital city by Eurostar takes just over an hour longer.

By ferry from Dover to Calais, the journey takes around 90 minutes. Ideal if you're close to Dover in the first place and don't have to endure the journey from the north to the port.

It's the Perfect Year-round Destination

Depending on where in France you're heading to, it's the perfect year-round spot from which to enjoy a couples’ break, a family holiday or a solo trip.

Why? Well, you can ski in the winter or meander around gorgeous historic chateaux in the summer.

You could visit Disneyland in the summer or winter months, or even watch the Tour de France. It's a great spot for adventurers and perfect for those who like to take things steadier and enjoy what the country has to offer in terms of lush countryside walks and gorgeously inviting swimming pools.

You Can Brush Up On Your French

It may seem an obvious one, but we say there's a reason we all sat a French exam in our youth here in the UK. If you can't flex your French language schools on a French holiday, when can you?! 

If your French is a bit rusty, dig out that French-English dictionary and teach yourself a few phrases ahead of your hols. Trust us when we say you won't need to ask where the cheese shops are; just follow your nose - and enjoy! (our Breton tote bag will come in handy when you've overspent on brie - and why on earth wouldn't you?!).

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