Why We Love Cornwall

Cornwall is a magical place that has more than earned its spot on the map.

From its sheer coastal cliffs and untamed moorlands to its culinary treats and fascinating culture, this southwest region of England has many unique selling points - and this month, we're inviting you to come adventuring with Breton Shirt Company once again, as we magically transport you to this stunning region. 

Here are just some reasons why we love Cornwall...

The Food

Fancy a Cornish pasty? This meat- and veg-filled dish originates from the Cornwall region, and given how tasty it is, it’s no surprise that it’s spread to the rest of the country  - and beyond.

Cornwall is hemmed in by the Atlantic Ocean, so its cuisine also features plenty of fresh seafood. The rather interesting-looking stargazy pie comes to mind, with its crust peppered with pilchard fish heads looking skyward.

The Landscapes

The coastal views of Cornwall will captivate just about anyone who sees them. Boasting the longest coastline in England, Cornwall has countless sandy beaches and coves, craggy cliffs and awe-inspiring islands.

Beautiful vistas await you even when you step away from the coast. The moors of Cornwall might be described as barren by some, but there’s a tranquil solitude to them that some travellers might appreciate.

The Historic Sites

You’ll find many historic sites in Cornwall, ranging from medieval castles, Neolithic monuments, Tudor mansions and even UNESCO World Heritage status mining sites.

Explore the stunning grounds of the Elizabethan Trerice Manor House (pictured), or take in the breathtaking sight of Tintagel Castle, a medieval fort associated with King Arthur. Want to explore some older sites? Then Trethevy Quoit and the Tregiffian Burial Chamber are worth visiting.

The Outdoor Activities

As you’d expect from a place surrounded by the sea, Cornwall has a wealth of water-related activities for you to try out. There’s kayaking, paddleboarding, surfing, diving and sailing to be enjoyed. If you’re interested in glimpsing some animals afterward, then stop by the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

For the adrenaline junkies, there’s coasteering, where you can explore the coastal cliffs, caves and coves of Cornwall. And for the nature lovers, the Lost Gardens of Heligan and Trebah Garden are places you absolutely must visit.

Of course, you can do all this in your trusty Breton shirt - just pick out your favourite style and wear it with pride on your coastal adventure.

The Culture and Language

One of the top reasons we love Cornwall is its unique culture, which sets it apart from other parts of the UK. Not only does Cornwall have a wealth of customs and traditions that are distinctly its own, but this region even has its own language.

You might be surprised to learn that the Cornish language shares roots with the Breton language spoken in the northwest of France, but really it isn’t too surprising considering both languages belong to the Celtic family.

Ready to explore the natural wonders and spellbinding culture of Cornwall? For those living closer to the south of England, including London, a weekend should be more than enough time to travel there and soak in as much of the place as you can.

Before you go, don't forget to pack some comfortable (and chic) travel clothes. Breton shirts are perfect, thanks to the fact they provide a nod to the Celtic connection between the Cornish and Breton languages. Brilliant.

Where will we go adventuring next on the blog? Join us?!

Until next time...