Why You Should Treat Someone to a Breton Shirt this Christmas

The traditional Christmas advert says: “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” It’s true — a dog is a lifelong companion.

They have a lot in common with Breton shirts that way, we have to say. No, really. Both are faithful friends who stick with you through good times and bad, both love you unconditionally, they both go with all your favourite outfits, and they wash really well for years and years…Okay, the last two are only about Breton shirts. But we think our point still stands.

Stop worrying over what to get your best friend this festive season. We think a Breton shirt is the ultimate Christmas present. Let us tell you why.

  1. Everyone wants a Breton shirt

Unlike the very snazzy, very impractical embellished handbag you were umming and ahhing about, a Breton shirt will see anyone through any situation. And while the handbag may have been lovely, the chances are it’s more what you like, and less what they want.

Trust us. Breton shirts are coveted by everyone. Just read the comments under our Instagram posts. We don’t want to brag, but everyone wants a piece of us, and we reckon that makes us the perfect Christmas present.

  1. Stripes never go out of style

Every season, the fashion world cheers on the non-stop popularity of the Breton stripe. Why is it so chic? How did it become a must-have? What on earth makes it look so good on everyone?

We don’t know the answers. We only know that Breton shirts look great on everybody, they go with nearly everything (maybe not a tuxedo or wedding dress, however we’d like you to prove us wrong) and they look cool while they’re doing it.

  1. Breton shirts work in any situation

No matter the occasion, a Breton shirt is there for you, like that faithful Golden Retriever. Got a hot date? Breton stripes look good without sacrificing comfort. Need to look halfway smart for a meeting? Under a blazer, your Breton will make you look chic and pulled together. Want a casual look that still looks put-together? Yup, your Breton will make jeans look more fashionable than they’ve ever looked before.

But this isn’t about you. Christmas is about giving. And don’t you want your loved ones to be able to enjoy all of those things? Get them a Breton shirt. Then they will.

  1. Our Breton shirts will last and last

Made to last from high quality cotton by a family-run factory in Portugal that's been creating Breton shirts for generations, our Breton shirts are the gift that keeps on giving. Wash after wash they just get softer and nicer and better and… Well. You know all this. Give a friend a Breton for Christmas and you’re essentially gifting them a new best friend. Sorry. They’ll still call you once in a while.

  1. They suit everyone’s style

Whether you’re buying a present for a high-powered businesswoman or a carpenter, a mermaid or a goth, we guarantee they’ll find several essential outfits to wear their new Breton shirt with.

The beauty of our stripes is that they quickly become a staple in any wardrobe, so whether you prefer to use them as a basic building block or as a statement piece, they just work. It’s as easy as that.

Are you planning to gift a Breton shirt this festive season? Ooh, you generous soul, you.