Winter blues? Easy Ways to Perk Up Your Mood

Feeling sluggish this January? We hear you. 

The first month of the new year can be tough - on our mood, our bank balance and the goals we inevitably set for ourselves. With many of us setting (often unrealistic) objectives when January rolls around, it can be a kick in the teeth when we fall at the first hurdle. 

Our bank balance, of course, takes a post-Christmas hit and, as the weather's still cold and blustery, we can feel anything but bright and breezy. 

But don't let the winter blues get you down in 2022. To help perk up your mood in January and thereafter, we're offering our top tips to have you feeling more like you again. Read on...

Go Easy on Yourself

Broken your New Year's resolution already? So what?! Go easy on yourself - at least you gave it a go - and whether Dry January lasted a few days or a month for you, you still made a vow to look after yourself.

Or perhaps you planned to read one book a month in 2022 and you're yet to pick one up. Don't worry; adapt your goals slightly - tell yourself you'll read two in February and go from there. In short, give yourself a break, from your goals and your own negative self-talk. You deserve it.

Indulge in a New Hobby

Always fancied taking up flower pressing? Or perhaps you'd like to try your hand at crocheting or knitting? A new hobby is a great way to beat the winter blues. 

So, rather than thinking 'it's too cold to go outside', reframe your thoughts. Instead, tell yourself 'it's cold outside, so I'll get comfy indoors and do something I've always fancied trying'. Make sure you let us know how you get on if you do.

Get Some Fresh Air

Okay, so this one slightly contradicts our last point, but if you don't fancy the idea of a new hobby, how about simply getting outdoors and exploring your local area? Wrap up warm and get some fresh air in your lungs.

You may not feel like going out in the cold, but we promise you that you'll feel so much better for it when you do.

Visit a Friend

Post-lockdown rules mean we can now get out and about a lot more than we could in 2021.

So, take that as a win in itself - and arrange to meet a friend and family member, whether at a local coffee shop, a must-visit bakery or just for that walk. Socialising with those closest to us nearly always makes us feel better.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes, you just need a treat - and a treat doesn't always have to cost money. Whether you promise yourself a steamy, hot bubble bath at the end of your working week, or a day in your PJs watching your favourite films, take some time out for some serious self-care this winter.

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Until next time...