Work from Home Style: What to Wear in Lockdown No 3

Since the end of the first week of 2021, the UK has been settling into its third covid-19 lockdown.

The lockdown restrictions are pretty much exactly the same as the previous two lockdowns; we're only allowed to leave home for limited reasons. Sob.

If you’re one of the many people fortunate enough to be able to work safely from home, you might be looking forward to several weeks of lounging about in your comfiest clothing. But if your job requires you to show up on camera for Zoom meetings, then you’ll probably want to save your pyjamas for after work hours—or just stick to pyjama bottoms!

In this article, we’ll run through some style ideas for the work-from-home fashionista, all with a little classic Breton flair.

Embrace the ‘Casual’ in Business Casual

Working from home means you don’t need to adhere to a specific dress code. Even so, it can be hard to feel productive at home, and doubly so when you’re wearing the cosiest clothes in your wardrobe. On the flip side, wearing what you’d normally wear out to the office can feel stifling in the comfort of your own home.

Strike a balance by opting for a business casual style. The ideal work-from-home business casual outfit is one you’ll feel comfortable working in, but also one you could reasonably wear outside the house. To avoid dozing off in the middle of your workday, however, try not to get too heavy-handed with the ‘casual.’

The Breton Sweater (pictured below) and the Breton Stripe X2 (pictured above) are two examples of shirts that fit the business casual bill.

The 100% Merino wool of the Breton Sweater is cosy enough to help you survive a winter lockdown, while also allowing you to look and feel professional. The much lighter Breton Stripe X2 shirt, made from super soft cotton, is both comfortable to wear and utterly distinguished in appearance.

Make Cardigans and Blazers Your Best Friends

Keeping with the business casual theme, you’ll want to make good use of the cardigans and blazers in your work-from-home outfits. These professional wardrobe essentials can transform a regular top or dress into effortless executive chic.

Layering a cardigan or blazer also signals that you pay careful attention to your appearance, which can translate well when showing up for video conferences.

Collared blouses work perfectly underneath cardigans and blazers, but for more casual wear, you can opt for collarless shirts in solid, unflashy colours. Black-and-white striped shirts—such as the Polo Breton shirt (pictured below) and the Original Breton Patch shirt—work well with black outerwear for a simple monochromatic style.

Want a little pop of colour to brighten your day? Combine the Breton Vin (below) with a classic red lippy and a cardigan or blazer in a neutral colour, such as navy blue or black, for a simple, elegant look. If blue stripes are more your thing, then the Denim Breton shirt has you covered.

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