Your New Breton Must-Haves: A Round-up

Here at Breton Shirt Company HQ, we've been busy behind the scenes creating some brand new garments to see you through summer and beyond. Including a hoodie, a beach bag, a tote bag and more, the additions to the range are bound to grab your attention.

Let's take a closer look...

The 'Refuse to Die' Breton Tote Bag

Just arrived! Meet our new 'Refuse to Die' tote bag, which makes use of the cut-offs of fabric that would ordinarily be too small to fashion into a shirt or two.

At the end of the day, nearly 20% of all our fabric is wasted during garment production, after all. This gave us an idea...let's use some of the mishaps and misshaped cut-offs to create something of value and sustainability.


Stylish, practical and just big enough to hold your towel, car keys, suncream and a spot of lunch, our gorgeous tote bag is priced at just £25 and will see you through many a summer.

The Original Breton Socks

Also just added to our site, our Breton socks are beautifully knitted in 100% cotton - at just £10 a pair.

Offering a super soft feel and a stylish look, they'll even look good with sandals - and everyone knows a socks and sandals combo isn't usually deemed the most fashion-forward of looks.



The Breton Hoodie

How to improve on a good thing? At Breton Shirt Company, we've always experimented with different stripe combinations and fabric weights. Every now and again, though, we have to sit back and admire. Introducing...the Breton Ice hoodie.

With a cool dark navy base contrasted with clean crisp sharp white stripes, it's an exercise in true comfort and style - and it's just £42.

Beach Bag

Coming soon to our's our Breton beach bag, aka the only bag you need for your summer holiday. Stay tuned!


The Breton Azure

You all tell us how much you love our green striped Breton shirts, so we've added a new one to our collection: the Breton Azure

Featuring crisp azure blue stripes on a deep sea green background, this shirt features beautifully knitted 180gm cotton manufactured in our family-run factory in Portugal. Offering guaranteed comfort, it's the perfect addition to your wardrobe, feeding your stripe addiction for £42.

The Breton 'No Sweat' Ribbed Neck Shirt

The ideal shirt to add to you summer wardrobe, our 'No Sweat' t-shirt (at £46) is made for the evenings when the temperature drops a little cooler.

It's another inspired example of how a blend of super soft cotton, no-compromise knitting mixed with traditional stripes can outperform the flimsy t-shirts we see littered throughout our high streets today - take a closer look here.

Like what you see here? Treat yourself - or someone else - this summer and stay cool and comfortable during the warmer weather.

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Until next time...