Your Summer Style: Our Top Picks

Is there a better time to be seen in stripes than the summer? Bright sun – okay, patchy sun with some showers – and a sunny attitude are the best accessories for Breton shirts, we think.

You lovely lot have been tagging us in some summery snaps of you and your beloved Breton stripes, and we have to say, we just love to see them.

So here are some of our favourite pics from Instagram, where you’ve seriously outdone yourselves with your style and joi de vivre. Give yourselves a chic little pat on the back and then grab an iced latte for your troubles. It’s called accessorising, chérie.

The 'Impromptu Perching in Unexpected Sunshine' Pic

Marcie, who runs the rather wonderful 'Marcie in Mummyland' blog, is seen here, relaxed and happy because, we assume, she’s wearing our Breton Rouge shirt.

Sat, as she is, outside on a lovely summer’s day, we’re happy to say this proves our suspicions that the Breton Rouge is indeed the perfect summer top. Also, it looks absolutely fabulous with retro-style spectacles and classic blue jeans. Trés chic!

The 'Sorry, I Must Dash To The Maschera' Look

One thing we love about Charlie Swift’s summer style is its intense Venetian masquerade energy.

Do we often hold maschera balls? No. But we feel that’s a failing on our part, because they’re fun and mysterious, and elegant as heck. And, as we can see here, the masks involved go extremely well with our classic long sleeved Breton shirt.

Are Breton stripes casual? Yes, they can be. But if you pair them with feathered and sequined masks and head off to a fancy soirée, who’s going to tell you you’re not dressed appropriately? Nobody, that’s who. Charlie looks a million Euros, and was no doubt the belle of the ball.

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The 'Rolled Up Jeans and Paddling' Look

Okay, this is one of our pics of our stylish models, but it just oozes summertime happiness.

What goes best with one of our classic Breton shirts? We always say it’s either a smile or a pout, depending on how you feel. Here you can’t see our lovely model’s face (it's Glen Campbell, no less), but you just know he’s having a whale of a time splashing about in a beautifully cold brook on a hot summers’ day.

Rolled up jeans are all the rage this season, but they don’t just look good. As you can see here, there are practical reasons to roll up your denim. Jump into life feet first! Play in the clear, clean river that is today! Splash your friends with water from the spring that is happiness!

Have we gone too far? Enjoy your Breton shirt when you’re messing about – they’re made to be hardwearing and long lasting, perfect for impromptu paddling.

 The 'Classic Family Holiday Chic' Pic

Joanna Willis, your family is beautiful!

Everyone got the 'chic blue and neutral tones' memo, everyone looked at the camera and everyone’s hair is looking on-point. Why can’t all of our family photos look like this?

We especially love how Joanna has matched her classic long-sleeved Breton top with a denim skirt and leggings. Smart layering for a windy beach break, and extremely comfy to boot. And a pair of cool canvas trainers really bring a touch of fun to the outfit.

This is an ensemble that’s ready for anything – walks on the beach, sandcastle-building, tig-playing, and all the other good family holiday stuff. We love.

Got a great picture of you or your family in Breton stripes that simply shouts 'summer'? Send it to us by uploading to Instagram and using the hashtag #bretonshirtco. We’ll be sharing our favourites!